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Scholarships Categories:

Continuing Students | Foundation Scholarships | Graduate Scholarship Program | In-State Freshmen | Out-Of-State Students | Students With Disabilities | Transfer Students

Undergraduate students with grade point averages of 2.5 and better should apply for state, university, and Highlands Foundation scholarships by filling out the Highlands Scholarship application by May 1.

Graduate students with a grade point average of 3.0 and above are encouraged to apply for the Graduate Presidential Scholarship. Complete the Highlands Scholarship application by May 1.

Graduate assistantships are processed through the Office of Graduate Studies and in the academic units that offer graduate degrees.

Scholarship Checklist
Scholarship Guidance
Scholarship Selection Process
Scholarship Application (PDF)

Regardless of funding variables, if you are an academic high achiever, it is always worth your while to apply for scholarships at the university. The Financial Aid Office also keeps information regarding scholarship listings that are available outside of the university that require a separate application and have different (earlier and later) deadlines than the university. Be sure to examine these listings, as well as other resources.

To apply for external scholarships, we recommend using the scholarship search engine at to help facilitate the scholarship search process. These scholarships are external to Highlands' scholarships and Highlands has no jurisdiction over the awarding of these scholarships. If you do receive outside scholarship support, this must be reported to Highlands' Financial Aid Office to be included as part of your financial aid package.


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