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Supporting Agriculture in Science and Education (SASE) Project

Supporting Agriculture in Science and Education (SASE) Project



  • To provide high school students and community college transfer students with an opportunity to conduct hands-on research in the natural sciences using modern field and laboratory methods and instrumentation.
  • To encourage students to pursue a degree and an eventual career in an agriculturally related field.

This project recruits seniors from high schools in Northern New Mexico and transfer students from Luna Community College to participate in a summer institute exposing them to agriculturally-related scientific activities.  The program engages students in agricultural sciences through one-week learning modules in soil science, geographic information systems, and water conservation.  Each learning module includes a full day of data collection in the field, two days of data analysis and reduction in the laboratory, and one day of data compilation and discussion in the classroom.  Students will carry out a project from beginning to end, evaluate the data, and reflect on what was accomplished.  Guest speakers and field trip leaders will introduce students to career options in agencies that fall under the USDA umbrella, including the U.S. Forest Service, the Natural Resource Conservation Service, and the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services.

SASE 2013 Application 

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