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New Student Reservation Orientation form

New Student Reservation Orientation form

Important: please provide all requested information!
If your information is incomplete, this could delay processing of your orientation reservation.

Personal Information

* Name:
* Address
* City
* State
*Zip Code
*Banner ID#:
* Phone:
* Email:
I am a Freshman never attended college

            Transfer, if you are a transfer please fill out school(s) attended below :
Transfer one:
Transfer two:
What will be your major?
What will be your minor?
   Undecided major and minor

2. Reservation for Orientation Date

August 14 &15

3. Reservation for Parent/Spouse Orientation
    A parent/spouse track will be held in conjunction with each New Student Orientation

     Will your parent(s), guardian(s), or spouse be attending?     yes no

     If yes how many will be attending?     

4. English and Math course Placement information

Have you: Taken the ACT or SAT and had your scores sent to NMHU?
Completed any college English or Math courses?
Participated in concurrent enrollment and earned credit?
  • If you answered YES to any of these questions, NMHU must receive official scores or transcripts for your scores to be used for course placement.
  • If you answered NO to these questions, please contact us at (505) 454-3188 to schedule a date and time to take the NMHU Compass test.

The fee to attend orientation is $35.00.  After you have completed orientation successfully, the fee will be credited to your Highlands student account.  If you do not attend orientation, the fee is non-refundable.   

For more information regarding New Student Orientation, please call the New Student Orientation Office at 505.454.3319, or send an e-mail to Reservation form must be returned to NMHU, Office of Academic Support, PO BOX 9000, Las Vegas, NM 87701.

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