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History concentration


Historical & Cross-Cultural Perspectives

Complete 12 credits from the following:
Dept Course Credits
Hist 501 The Chicano Exper. 3
Hist 503 Chicano Leadership 3
Hist 506 North Amer Frontiers 3
Hist 511 Women in the U.S. 3
Hist 512 Civil War & Reconstruction 3
Hist 513 The US Since WW II 3
Hist 514 The American Pres. 3
Hist 535 Selected Topics in Hist. 3
Hist 552 New Mexico History 3
Hist 553 Hist of the Southwest 3
Hist 605 The Trans-Mississippi-West 3
Hist 618 The Southwest 3
Hist 619 NM Since Statehood 3
Hist 640 Mexico 3
 Concentration Total: 12 credit hours
Research Requirement: 3 credit hours
Hist 620 Research Methods in History 3
Complete 9 credits in Thesis*
Program Total: 36 credit hours

*Nine additional hours of coursework and two professional papers may be substituted for the nine-hour thesis requirement in this concentration, subject to approval by the student’s advisor and the chair of the Department of History, Political Science and Language and Culture.


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