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Master of Social Work Application Deadlines

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Master of Social Work Application Deadline(s)
Early application is strongly encouraged.

January 15, 2014 is the priority deadline for submitting application materials and securing your position for entrance in the fall semester of that same year. Non-priority admission will be considered for those who apply after this date.  However, the school often has more qualified candidates than available space.  As a result, non-priority applicants cannot be ensured of admission. 

Based on the recommendation of the Admissions Committee, late applicants may be placed on a waiting list, or may be admitted to another concentration area. Application files are not reviewed until all materials have been received.  It is the responsibility of the student to follow up with staff to assure all application materials have been received and that the application is ready for review.  Incomplete applications will not be considered for admission. Call Lawrence M. Montaño, Administrative Assistant  at 505.454.3310 or e-mail for application status.  

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__    E-mail application form, career objective narrative statement, and résumé by January 15 for priority consideration.

__    Submit the application fee ($50 for non-Highlands student; $35 for Highlands student); check made payable to New Mexico Highlands University.

__    Request that one official transcript  forwarded to Highlands School of Social Work from all colleges/universities attended.  An unofficial copy of your transcripts will be accepted in the interim in order to facilitate your application.

__ The Psychosocial Assessment Paper (Advanced Standing Applicants Only).

__    Forward three reference forms to individuals providing evaluations. Advanced Standing applicants must submit a reference from their field supervisor, to be mailed or faxed directly to the School of Social Work.

__    Financial certificate, TOEFL scores and residency card or VISA are required for international students only.

__    Follow up with Lawrence M. Montaño, 505.454.3310 two weeks after you deliver your reference forms to assure they submit forms.

__    Retain a copy of all materials for  your records.

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