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Regardless of previous academic limitations, all students are assured access to the rich and versatile profession of engineering. Although there is no guarantee of success, resources are available to optimize the student’s educational experience, professional options and lifelong learning. Students can expect to complete an engineering degree in five years or less, including a minimal of two years at the transfer engineering school. All students considering enrolling in this program engineering degree are strongly urged to contact the program coordinator and request advisement prior to enrolling or transferring to Highlands. Importantly, some engineering courses are offered once a year (alternate semesters).

It is important that students stay on schedule for efficient completion of their degree. All prerequisites are enforced. A grade of C or better is required of all courses in the major. Students with Math ACT less than 17 are required to take MATH100. Students with Math ACT 17-22 will take MATH120. Students with Math ACT 23 or above may take MATH140, 150, 160, or with approval, MATH 211. Students with English ACT less than 17 are required to take ENGL100.

Articulated Courses that are Transferable for BS Degree in Engineering

ENGR 115 Introduction to Engineering (1)
ENGR 220 Circuit Theory (3)
ENGR 237 Vector Mechanics/Statics (3)
ENGR 241 Strength of Materials (3)
ENGR 245 Programming for Engineers & Scientists (3)
ENGR 251 Digital System Design (3)
ENGR 288 Vector Mechanics / Dynamics (3)
ENGR 298 Thermodynamics (3)

Additional Standard Articulated Courses for a BS Degree in Engineering

CHEM 211 General Chemistry 1 (3)
CHEM 215 Chemistry Lab 1 (2)
CHEM 212 General Chemistry 2 (3)
CHEM 216 Chemistry Lab 2 (2)
MATH 211 Calculus 1 (4)
MATH 252 Calculus 2 (4)
MATH 273 Calculus 3 (4)
MATH 320 Linear Algebra (3)
MATH 325 Differential Equations (3)
PHYS 291 Calculus Physics 1 (5)
PHYS 292 Calculus Physics 2 (5)
ENGL 367 Technical Writing (3)

This major is under the College of Arts and Science

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