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Minor in Physics

The program of studies for a minor in physics consists of at least 22 hours of physics courses (16 hours of required physics courses and at least six hours of elective physics courses) and three hours of required mathematics (MATH325). Prior to enrolling in this minor, students are required to complete Calculus 1, 2 and 3 (MATH211, MATH252, and MATH273 respectively).

Required courses: 16 credit hours
PHYS 291 Calculus Physics 1 (5)
PHYS 292 Calculus Physics 2 (5)
PHYS 361 Modern Physics and Relativity (3)
MATH 325 Applied Ordinary Differential Equations (3)

Electives: 6-8 credit hours
Choose two courses from the following list:
PHYS 300 Astrophysics (4)
PHYS 311 Mechanics (3)
PHYS 402 Statistical Mechanics (3)
PHYS 421 Electricity & Magnetism 1 (4)
PHYS 422 Electricity & Magnetism 2 (4)
PHYS 461 Quantum Mechanics 1 (4)
PHYS 462 Quantum Mechanics 2 (4)
PHYS 468 Solid State Physics

Minor Total: 22 – 24 credit hours

The Department of Math, Computer Science, Engineering & Physics

This minor is under the College of Arts and Sciences


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