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Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) > Continuing Education Workshops > Breaking Through Difficult Emotions

Breaking Through Difficult Emotions

Rochelle Shelly Young, MA, LPCC, LADC

3.5 CEUs

In this workshop, you will examine simple yet powerful mind-body methods that will allow you to experience unpleasant emotions without being swept away by them.  People have a tendency to resist and fight with any unpleasantness within that arises. The internal war keeps mind-body suffering intact. The simple mindfulness based anchoring methods will allow you to ground yourself in various sensory experiences, allowing emotional reactions to become dramatically more manageable and to pass through quickly. This happens through eliminating the fight with thoughts and feelings.  Resisting emotional reactions can ruin your day.  Opening to emotional reactions allows them to pass with minimal or no suffering.  The techniques are also useful for helping you to enjoy the moment and elevate fulfillment in your life.

For more information Contact:
New Mexico Highlands University
Lou Ann Romero, Continuing Education
Ph: 505.454.3087
Fax: 505.454.3290
Lou Ann Romero

February 14, 2014

8:30 a.m.- 12:30 p.m.

Rio Rancho
Rio Rancho Highlands Campus,
1700 Grande Blvd.,

10.00 per CEU
Checks payable to:
Highlands School of Social Work.
Please call or email to confirm
attendance. Space is limited!

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