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Feminist Multicultural Counseling: Advanced Techniques

Linda Najjar, Ph.D.

3 Cultura CEUs

Feminist multicultural counseling operates on the premise of egalitarianism and views clients as their own best experts from a perspective of positive coping rather than pathology. This workshop will provide some advanced techniques of feminist multicultural counseling. It will also include interactive discussion and experiential activities that will facilitate learning how to incorporate feminist multicultural counseling techniques into practice. 

For more information Contact:
New Mexico Highlands University
Lou Ann Romero, Continuing Education
Ph: 505.454.3087
Fax: 505.454.3290
Lou Ann Romero

February 7, 2014

1- 4:30 p.m.

Rio Rancho
Rio Rancho Highlands Campus,
1700 Grande Blvd.,

10.00 per CEU
Checks payable to:
Highlands School of Social Work.
Please call or email to confirm
attendance. Space is limited!

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