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Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) > Continuing Education Workshops > Anger Management: Controlling Your Own and Helping Others Control Theirs

Anger Management: Controlling Your Own and Helping Others Control Theirs

Robert Schout, LMSW

6 CEUs

Anger colors our sight and our consciousness at work. It blinds us to the true intentions and value of other people. It creates stress within ourselves, chaos within relationships at work, promotes constant criticism of others, shatters teamwork, produces a culture of conflict at work and reduces productivity. Anger-related behavior in whatever form, passive aggressiveness, outbursts, turf battles, harassment, is triggered internally and sustained by a team or an organization that may be inadvertently stoking the flames of discontent by its leadership practices, communication norms, decision-making and power distribution structures and processes, performance expectations, personality or value conflicts. This program helps professionals identify and remediate anger within clients, self and work settings.

For more information Contact:
New Mexico Highlands University
Lou Ann Romero, Continuing Education
Ph: 505.454.3087
Fax: 505.454.3290
Lou Ann Romero

January 31, 2014

8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Santa Fe
Higher Education Center at Santa Fe Community College,
6401 Richards Ave.
Rm 302

10.00 per CEU
Checks payable to:
Highlands School of Social Work.
Please call or email to confirm
attendance. Space is limited!

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