Accessibility Services

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Testing and Accessibility Services serves the needs of a diverse set of constituents including students, staff, and senior administrators, as well as parents and the local community. Accessibility Services is responsible for overseeing the integration of students with disabilities into the intellectual and social life of the campus. A key function of this office is the coordination of academic accommodations in the classroom to create opportunity for all students.

Accessibility Services is also responsible for ADA compliance on campus including building accessibility, transportation, and programmatic access. In addition, Disability Services provides basic student services such as academic and career advising, referral to community resources, and transitional guidance.

Accessibility Services abides by the professional guidelines of the Association of Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD).

Testing services governs the administration of national tests such as the GED, ACT, and LSAT. The office administers the COMPASS placement exam and the Computer Science Proficiency exam. In addition, the office serves as a key adviser to faculty and administrators in the area of developmental placement.

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