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Hiring Students

Advertising Your Student Job Vacancies

On-campus student jobs consist of Departmental, Federal/State Work-Study and Graduate Assistantships (GA). Many students rely on these part-time jobs to help pay for school and also to gain work experience in developing their transferable work skills, self-confidence, and workplace etiquette. It is important that we advertise these jobs to give all students an equal opportunity to apply and to make it easier to locate on-campus jobs. Keep in mind that student employment also serves as a valuable recruitment and retention tool for the University.

On-Campus Job Posting Instructions

  1. Complete the Job Announcement Form and email it to the Career Services Center. Complete all fields including the supervisor’s email to receive application materials from interested applicants. Incomplete fields will not be accepted. Job Announcement instructions include:
    1. Dates: Enter the Preferred Deadline (“until filled” is acceptable) and the Date Posted.
    2. Type: Indicate all the types that apply: Work-study and/or Departmental, or Graduate Assistant.
    3. Job Title: Use a descriptive title for the nature of work (e.g. clerical aide, biology lab assistant, peer mentor). Do not use a generic title such as “work-study” or “student assistant”).
    4. Department: Enter the official name of your department or program. Avoid abbreviations.
    5. Location: Insert the building and room number.
    6. Pay: The wage per hour (e.g. $7.50/hour) Hours per week: Cannot exceed 20 hours per week.
    7. Job Duties: Should be as descriptive and concise as possible.
    8. Qualifications/Requirements: Should be as descriptive and concise as possible in terms of needed skills, qualities, class standing, and preferred majors. This will help students to decide whether or not to apply based on your requirements.
    9. To Apply: Indicate Student Employment Application or Graduate Assistant Application and any other materials required such as a cover letter and a resume. Indicate if application materials are to be hand-delivered and/or emailed to the work supervisor (insert your email).
    10. Contact Information: Indicate the name of supervisor, location, phone number and email for students to contact for more information.
  1. You will receive a Career Services email to confirm approval of your job announcement, which will be posted on the On-Campus Student Jobs Listings.
  2. Review applications and schedule interviews of acceptable applicants. As a professional courtesy, it’s recommended to send an email to those applicants you did not select.
  3. Fully complete the Student Employment Request Form and Job Description for the student(s) you would like to hire, then submit it to the Financial Aid Office International Students only: The work supervisor must send this form for approval to the International Education Office , who will then will submit it to Financial Aid Office.
    • NOTE: Students may not begin working until you receive approval and the student attends the New Student Employee Orientation at Human Resources.
  1. Refer your student hires to the Human Resources Office to attend a 30-minute new student employee orientation to complete the I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification and the W-4 Employee Withholding Certificate (linked). Also, please inform students to bring two original forms of acceptable identification (refer to 1-9 Form) such as driver’s license, a government-issued ID, birth certificate, social security card and passport to the orientation. Call Human Resources, 454-3088, to verify orientation dates and acceptable identifications. The Human Resources Office will then email you the approval of your Student Employment Request.
  2. Once you have filled the position, please email the Career Services Center to request removal of your job announcement.