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The Department of English offers intensive study of literature, writing, linguistics, mythology, and cultural studies. The program core for the major introduces students to a variety of the subdisciplines of English, including literature, creative writing, linguistics, literacy, composition, and criticism, all of which provide foundational knowledge of English studies while allowing students to discover the aspect of English they want to explore in their elective courses. The English major, in conjunction with the School of Education, prepares students for careers as secondary school English teachers. The department also offers a pre-professional major for those interested in preparing for graduate studies in law and other fields, or for careers in professional writing, advertising, or publishing.

Since the English major requires only 39 credit hours for completion, students are encouraged to double-major, selecting another major appropriate to their interests. Many English majors have found professional success by combining their study of English with majors in media arts, education, business, history, criminal justice, psychology, etc.

English minors have two options: a general minor with a literary emphasis or a minor in writing.

All English majors must consult with their adviser in English prior to registration each term.  During the first meeting, the adviser and student will develop a long-term plan for completing the program.

English Education Track

Students preparing for careers as high school English teachers must major in English (in the English education track), minor in secondary education, and complete course work required for state licensure. They must consult with two faculty advisers, one in the English department and one from the School of Education. Furthermore, students in this track must take the New Mexico Teacher Assessment exam between their sophomore and junior year and must plan to have all coursework in English completed before the start of their final semester, which will be devoted to field preparation.

Pre-Professional Track

Students interested in majoring in English as preparation for professional careers in such areas as business, government, law, or administration should concentrate on courses in writing, and linguistics. Those specifically interested in law school should also take courses in philosophy and logic. This track is not intended for students pursuing teaching careers. The pre-professional track is recommended for students double-majoring in English and a field with heavy course requirements.


Associate of Arts in Theater Production

Theater is a creative, collaborative art form that builds experience in the ensemble process.  The Theater Production Associate of Arts program unites the theoretical and concrete by providing students with valuable opportunities for persona, social and educational development.  This program addresses the needs of the experienced as well as the novice student.  Most students who enroll this program are endowed with a basic talent in performance that requires cultivation.  Each student is individually evaluated and calibrated in order that processors, a “mentors, “ can meet each student at his/her level of experience and develop that talent to its highest possible level of accomplishment.  Theater based classes will introduce students to acting, stagecraft, back stage management, theater production, costuming, choreography, dance and music.  Students in this program will also study dramatic literature in the English department, which will both expand their knowledge of theatrical works and allow them to easily transition into a major in English if they want to continue their studies.

Required courses:  27 credits

THEA 134 Theater Practicum (1)
THEA 261 Stage Movement for the Actor (3)
THEA 271 Acting 1: The Actor Prepares (3)
THEA 272 Acting 2: Creating a Character (3)
MUS 276 Musical Theater (2)
MUS 283 Ensemble: HU Singers (1)
THEA 234 Theater Practicum (2)
ENGL 274 Introduction to Shakespeare (3)
ENGL 291 British Literature from 1700 to the present (3)
ENGL 295 American Literature from 1865 (3)
ENGL 251 Topics in Drama (3)
ENGL 151 Introduction to Drama (3)

Major Total: 27credit hours
Core Total:  35 credit hour
Extended core: 5 credit hours
Total for degree: 67

*Total units for the degree may exceed 67 credit hours if proficiency courses are required. The University requires a minimum of 67 credit hours for this degree.

Major in English (BA)

Traditional, English Education, and Pre-Professional Tracks

In order to earn a BA in English, students are required to complete at least 13, three-credit courses in English beyond the composition sequence (ENGL106, 111, 112): a total of 39 credit hours. Students must also satisfy the following general distribution requirements:

Required core: 12 credit hours

ENGL 294   One American Literature Survey (3)
ENGL 295   American Literature, 1865 to the Present (3)

(However, both courses are recommended)

ENGL 290   British Lit to 1700 (3)
ENGL 291   British Lit 1700 to Present (3)
ENGL 302*  Literary Theory (3)

*To be taken in the junior year. Students in the pre-professional track may substitute any course in rhetoric, linguistics, or writing

Additional requirements: 9 credit hours

At least one course in grammar or linguistics: 3 credit hours
At least one course in advanced composition, rhetoric, or literacy: 3 credit hours
At least one course in creative writing: 3 credit hours
At least one course from the following: 3 credit hours

ENGL 421 Chaucer (3)
ENGL 422 Shakespeare (3)
ENGL 423 Milton (3)

Other requirements: 6 credit hours

ENGL 411 Major American Writers (3)
ENGL 412 Major British Writers (3)


Choose 3 courses for 9 credit hours.

Students majoring in English and minoring in secondary education must take

ENGL 317    Introduction to Modern Grammar (3)
ENGL 350    Methods of Teaching Reading and Writing (3)

The remaining courses (for a total of 36 credit hours) are program electives.

Major Total: 36 credit hours
Core Total:  35 credit hour
Extended core: 5 credit hours
Minor: 20 credit hours minimum*
Proficiency/electives to 120: 44 credit hours

Total for degree: 120 credit hours*

* A minor is required. The number of electives to reach the degree total of 120 credit hours will vary by the number of credit hours required by the minor. Additional credit hours may be required to meet the 120 credit degree requirement if proficiency or other required courses are waived for content only. The university requires a minimum of 45 upper-division units for the degree.


Minor in English

Required courses: 9 credit hours

ENGL 317    Introduction to Modern Grammar (3)

Choose two courses from the following:

ENGL 290    British Literature to 1700 (3)
ENGL 291    British Literature 1700 to Present (3)
ENGL 294    American Literature to 1865 (3)
ENGL 295    American Literature 1865 to Present (3)

Electives: 12 credit hours
Minor Total: 21 credit hours


Minor in English Writing

Required courses: 12 credit hours

ENGL 317   Introduction to Modern Grammar (3)
ENGL 365   Nonfiction Prose (3)
ENGL 367   Technical Writing (3)
ENGL 443   Sociolinguistics (3)
ENGL 485   Stylistics (3)

Electives: 9 credit hours

Choose three courses from the following:

ENGL 214    Autobiography (3)
ENGL 262    Introduction to Creative Writing (3)
ENGL 305    Advanced Composition (3)
ENGL 307    Writing as Advocacy (3)
ENGL 309    A History of Writing (3)
ENGL 310    Creative Nonfiction (3)
ENGL 350    Methods of Teaching Reading and Writing (3)
ENGL 362    Creative Writing: Poetry (3)
ENGL 364    Creative Writing: Fiction (3)
ENGL 400    Creative Writing: Experimental Fiction (3)
ENGL 401    Creative Writing: Advanced Poetry (3)
ENGL 441    History of the English Language (3)
ENGL 2/434 Practicum (1-4)
ENGL 463    Rhetoric & Reality (3)
ENGL 464    Women & Rhetoric (3)

Minor Total: 21 credit hours


This major is under the College of Arts and Sciences