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Department of Media Arts & Technology

Miriam Langer, Department Chair

Trolley Building, Room 136



Department Information


The Department of Media Arts & Technology includes instructional programs in media arts and software systems design.

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Mission of the Department of Media Arts & Technology

The general mission of the Department of Media Arts & Technology is to educate students in the technical skills, theoretical underpinnings, and the sociocultural context for the disciplines represented by the academic programs. The department seeks to inspire students to work creatively and collaboratively towards the goal of contributing to our own communities. Collaboration, experimentation, and a willingness to push the boundaries of where art and technology intersect are the hallmarks of the department.

In its collaborative enterprises, the department provides opportunities for students to work closely with faculty and staff in its academic courses. Community organizations and cultural institutions join the department for many projects and activities. The department aims to incorporate elements from Northern New Mexico’s history of arts and innovation and the rich heritage of Hispanic and Native American cultures that are distinctive to the state of New Mexico. Ultimately, the department aims to prepare its students for an active professional life in each discipline through the knowledge, creativity, teaching skills, and dedication of its faculty and staff, showing excellence in teaching, experimentation, scholarship, and professional applications.




Lauren Addario

Stuart Gelzer

Mariah Fox Hausman

Miriam Langer

Jonathan Lee (SSD)

Angela Meron

Rianne Trujillo (SSD)



Resources and Facilities

New Mexico Highlands University provides the Media Arts Building with state-of-the-art computer systems; a green screen special effects studio; professional video and photography equipment and labs, a physical computing labs; and five computer labs dedicated to video graphics, effects and animation, and high-end design and printing.

The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science provides classroom and lab space in Albuquerque for the exclusive use of the Media Arts and Technology Department




Media Arts (BFA)

During the last decade, changes to the communications and design fields have been tremendous. The divisions that once existed between graphic design and communication arts have disappeared, creating a merged field called media arts. The BFA in media arts includes concentrations in visual communications, interactivity and multimedia, photography and digital filmmaking. The faculty provides room for experimentation within each area. Students choose their area of concentration at the end of their second year.

Students who complete the BFA in media arts will have expertise in design and technology, preparing them to work in this constantly evolving field, whichever concentration area they choose.

The many and varied media arts industries need career professionals who are broadly trained and adaptable. Graduates of this program may find positions in traditional graphic design, the film industry, web development, in museums and cultural organizations or as exhibit designers, to name just a few of the possibilities.

Students entering the BFA program in media arts will be working toward building a professional portfolio in their area of concentration. In order to work toward this goal, yearly portfolio critiques are required. See requirements



Media Arts (BA)

The bachelor of arts in media arts is available for students who want to major in media arts and pursue a minor in a different discipline. The major in media arts addresses the basic concepts of visual communications, multimedia, photography, and digital filmmaking. Students who major in media arts will complete the degree with the skills to either continue their studies or add technical expertise to other interest areas. See requirements



Software Systems Design (BSSD)

The Software Systems Design Program is dedicated to teaching students a wide array of programming languages that help them adapt to any challenge that may arise in their career. The program stresses programming concepts and syntax across major languages currently in demand. Students who complete the program will be qualified to pick up a job using any language, with the confidence to learn and practice new languages immediately. Our emphasis is in web and mobile technologies and their underlying systems. As students advance, they will be placed on teams developing and deploying real world projects for outside clients.

The SSD program originates from the classrooms at the Natural History Museum in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is available at the campus in Las Vegas, New Mexico. See requirements



Interactive Cultural Technology Certificate

The objectives of the Program in Interactive Cultural Technology (PICT) are to learn industry-standard practices and principles while working in a hands-on, collaborative environment with museum staff and in a museum setting. The students conceive, produce, and fabricate materials for an exhibition space. The outcomes assessment would not be unlike another production-based course. Attendance, professionalism, comprehension, verbal skills, proficiency of necessary software, and critical thinking all come into play. Recent PICT projects include “Emergence: A New View of Life’s Origins” at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science and “The Science of Cities” at the Santa Fe Children’s Museum. See requirements



Interdisciplinary Bachelor of Fine Arts

The fine arts and media arts BFA is designed to address a creative trend in art that combines electronic media with traditional media. This degree applies to those wishing to use multimedia for the sake of expression. The program creates a bridge between traditional and electronic media beyond the need for documentation and exhibition. For program details, see Department of Visual and Performing Arts section of this catalog.



This major is under the School of Business, Media and Technology