Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Social_Work_StudentsFemale_StudentwebThe Department of Behavioral Sciences contributes to meeting the educational and research needs in psychology, sociology, anthropology, and the related fields; contributes to meeting the career needs in psychological and social services and social sciences, and trains for careers in education, engineering, physical and biological sciences, medicine, and other science fields; contributes to meeting the need for secondary school teacher certification in sociology and/or anthropology; and, to provides psychological and socio-cultural service and expertise for the region, as well as the greater global community.

Resources and Facilities

The human riches of Northern New Mexico provide an outstanding context for psychological, social, and cultural studies at New Mexico Highlands University. Students engage in field archaeological digs, ethnographic, psychobiological research, and clinical practicum. Each student has the opportunity to conduct research in three well-equipped discipline facilities: psychobiology lab, Gabino Rendon Socio-cultural Research Center, and anthropology lab. Studies of human behavior emphasize field data and computer applications for analysis and interpretation. The department provides computer laboratories for student use. Students have access to word processing, spreadsheets, and statistical packages, as well as the Internet. Student professional societies and organizations, such as Psi Chi, Sociology and Anthropology Club, provide opportunities for student participation and program enrichment beyond the classroom.

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