Master of Science Chemistry

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The master’s in chemistry degree provide students with a high-quality science education, which includes experience with research and field projects. The programs provide scientific and technical background that empowers students to successfully pursue science and technology careers, or, proceed on to advanced graduate studies. Faculty in the Chemistry Department strive to make each student’s educational experience challenging and rewarding.


Resources and Facilities

The department is housed in the new Ivan Hilton Science and Technology Building. New laboratory spaces, with state-of-the-art safety and teaching features provide students with hands-on, student-centered learning environments.

Chemistry has modern laboratories for chemistry classes and research. Chemical measurement instrumentation includes a high-field nuclear magnetic resonance device, X-ray diffraction equipment, gas and liquid chromatographs, mass spectrometers, IR, UV, and visible spectrophotometers, and laser spectroscopy facilities. Students who major in chemistry are expected to become fully competent in the use of the instruments by the time they graduate. Undergraduate students gain a practical perspective on chemistry through involvement with research projects. Chemistry has been highly successful in placing its graduates in exciting careers in industry and government, while many students proceed to advanced graduate studies in chemistry at other institutions. Most chemistry faculty have research grants that can hire undergraduates.


This degree is under the College of Arts and Sciences