Masters in Computer and Mathematical Sciences

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The Department of Computer Sciences offers graduate courses in computer science. In addition, a joint media arts and computer science degree is offered by the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Communication and Fine Arts.

Computer_Science_web3787The Department of Computer Sciences
The Department of Computer Science trains students in the fields of computer science. By encouraging and developing problem-solving, critical/analytical thinking, and practical, laboratory-based skills, our students are well prepared for careers in any combination of these fields, either via solid preparation for further graduate education or immediate entrance into the workforce (industry, teaching, and national labs).

Master of Arts/Science


Resources and Facilities
Computer Science has state-of-the-art computer laboratories and equipment. There are two large teaching labs, three small research labs, a student work lab, and an area set aside for network experimentation. Most labs are equipped with machines running both XP and Linux. Software includes symbolic and numerical mathematics products, compilers for a number of languages, integrated development environments, Web and multimedia development tools, databases, and packages for special fields such as artificial intelligence. Some computers are set aside for student experimentation with the understanding that students may install any software as long as copyright laws are not violated.


This degree is under the College of Arts and Sciences