Biology Concentration Requirements

Concentration in Biology Requirements

Students in the M.S. program are expected to complete their degree in two years, including at least one summer. Under exceptional circumstances, students may require longer degree program. Students should meet with their graduate committee on a yearly basis to provide progress reports and for guidance on meeting requirements for degree completion. The M.S. curriculum includes both thesis and non-thesis options. Students interested in pursuing a Ph.D., are strongly encouraged to select a thesis option. Students are also encouraged to attend conferences and present research results at local, national, or international meetings.

Required Core Courses: 19
Biol 600 Research Methods in Life Science (3)
Biol 620 Advanced Topic in Life Science (2)*
Biol 650 Graduate Seminar in Life Science (1) Repeated four times for credit
Biol 559 Fundamental Principles of Laboratory Safety (1)
Indp 692 Research Ethics and Integrity (1)
*Repeated for credit with different subject matter for a total of four credits.
Choose at least two of the following:
Biol 610 Environmental Physiology (3)
Biol 640 Advanced Molecular and Cell Biology (3)
Biol 630 Advanced Microbiology (3)

Thesis Option:
Biol 699 Thesis (VC 1-7)

Non-thesis Option:
Biol 690 Independent Study (3)
Biol 692 Independent Research (3)
Elective Courses:
Choose from the following courses in consultation with your advisor. Other 500- and 600-level courses offered in chemistry, forestry, geology, psychology, or other appropriate disciplines may be substituted for electives list below with approval of your biology advisor.

Thesis Option: 12 hours
Non-thesis Option: 18 hours
Biol 505 Bacterial Physiology (3)
Biol 510 Functional Genomics (4)
Biol 515 Biotechnology (4)
Biol 522 Plant Physiology (4)
Biol 523 Molecular and Cell Biology (4)
Biol 524 Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory (1)
Biol 525 Marine Biology (4)
Biol 527 Immunology (3)
Biol 528 Pathogenic Microbiology (4)
Biol 530 Livestock Management (3)
Biol 532 Vertebrate Physiology (3)
Biol 535 Selected Topic in Life Science (VC 1-4)
Biol 555 Wildlife Diseases (3)
Biol 556 Survey of Bioengineering (30
Biol 563 Nutrition (3)
Biol 576 Evolution (3)
Biol 580 Parasitology (4)
Biol 581 Developmental Biology (4)
Biol 585 Endocrinology (4)
Biol 587 Histology (4)
Biol 588 Soil Ecology (4)
Biol 593 Field Botany (2)
Biol 594 Field Zoology (2)
Biol 581 Biochemistry 1 (3)
Biol 582 Biochemistry 2 (3)]
M.S. Thesis Defense
Open seminar and oral defense.
M.S. Non-thesis Exam and Presentation
Comprehensive exam (≥ 75% will be considered a passing grade) and formal oral and written presentation of Independent Study or Independent Research.

Major Total:
Thesis: ≥ 34 hours
Non-thesis: ≥ 40 hours