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MA Program in Curriculum & Instruction

The School of Education offers a master’s degree in education with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction.  For admission to the Master of Arts in Education, Curriculum and Instruction, candidates will have received licensure for teaching in the State of New Mexico, or the equivalent.   The graduate program in Curriculum and Instruction is offered on the main campus in Las Vegas, New Mexico and at the three Highlands centers. The centers include the Rio Rancho Center in Rio Rancho, New Mexico; the San Juan Center in Farmington, New Mexico, and the Santa Fe Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The program is offered both onsite and via Distance Education courses.

Sites/Programs Masters (M.A.)
Las Vegas, NM X
Rio Rancho, NM X
Santa Fe, NM X
Farmington, NM X

Graduate courses in Curriculum and Instruction are also made available through the Educational Outreach Services Department to other sites in New Mexico as requested and pending the availability of the required technology. These sites have included the following communities in Northern New Mexico:

Española, New Mexico Taos, New Mexico
Santa Rosa, New Mexico Torreon, New Mexico
Cuba, New Mexico Bernalillo, New Mexico

In the Fall of 2009, the School of Education entered into a partnership with the Los Niños Dual Language Elementary School in the Las Vegas City School District to provide bilingual education courses through a Professional Development School Model. Two courses in bilingual education were taught at the Los Niños Dual Language Elementary School in the Fall of 2010. The courses are available for graduate or undergraduate credit.  At the graduate level, the two courses are components of the Bilingual Education/TESOL emphasis area in the Curriculum and Instruction Graduate Program.  The Rio Rancho Highlands Center also has entered into a partnership with the Rio Rancho School District to provide literacy classes through a Professional Development Model.  Arrangements have been made to teach two reading classes at the Middle School in Rio Rancho.   One of the classes, Reading 511, is offered at the graduate level as an elective for the Reading emphasis in the Curriculum and Instruction Program.

The Curriculum and Instruction graduate program consists of 36 graduate credits and is structured around three block components:  required core courses, emphasis area courses, and research courses.

Each of the three components requires twelve (12) credit hours for a program total of 36-credit hours.

The four (4) courses in the core component are requirements for all candidates in the program.  Courses for the emphasis area are selected by the candidates in consultation with their advisor from various academic content fields such as Reading, Bilingual Education, TESOL, Advanced Placement and from arts and sciences content subjects such as English, history, business, Spanish, math, science etc.   The courses in the Research methodology component are also required of all candidates in the program. All candidates must take six (6) hours of credits in required courses and may select the six additional credits from three options:  Field Project, Thesis, or Comprehensive Examination. If candidates select the comprehensive exam option, they must take an additional 6 credits of approved electives to take the place of the six (6) hours required for field project or thesis. Candidates must also pass a comprehensive examination.

Licensure for teaching in the state of New Mexico or the equivalent is an additional stipulation for admission to the Master of Arts program in Curriculum and Instruction.  The Curriculum and Instruction Program is offered at all sites.