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Special Education MA degrees and licensure programs are offered at four NMHU sites.  Those sites are the main campus in Las Vegas, New Mexico; the Rio Rancho Center in Rio Rancho, New Mexico; the San Juan Center in Farmington, New Mexico;  and the Santa Fe Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  All sites follow the same Program of Study and offer courses in the same sequence.

Sites/Programs Licensure Masters (M.A.)
Las Vegas, NM X X
Rio Rancho, NM X X
Santa Fe, NM X X
Farmington, NM X X

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Special Education Programs

Master’s Degree in Special Education
The Master’s Degree in Special Education is structured around three (3) components. A Capstone Project is also required of all candidates, and is selected when the Special Education Program of Study is completed.  Successful completion of the Gateway ALPHA, Gateway BETA and Gateway GAMMA is also required of candidates seeking Special Education licensure as part of the MA program.

A.)  Special Education Content Area
B.)  Emphasis Area
      B-1) Non-licensure Option
      B-2) MA + Licensure Option
C.)  Research Methodology

A.)  Special Education Content Area Courses Required:

Special Education Content Area Hours
 SPED 501  Diagnosis of the Exceptional Child  3
 SPED 612 The Special Education Program  3
 SPED 650 Seminar in Special Education  3
 SPED 675 Organization & Administration of Special Education  3
 Total Hours  12

B-1)  Non-licensure Option – Emphasis Area Courses Required:

Candidates will complete twelve (12) credits from the following course list or courses not listed below, as approved by the program advisor.

Non-licensure Option  Hours
ANTH 524 Social and Cultural Dynamics of the Greater Southwest  3
ANTH 581 Cultural Resources Management  3
PHIL 252 Reasoning Skills for the Schools  3
PSY 510 Physiological Psychology  3
PSY 519 Introduction to Behavior Therapy  3
PSY 522 Human Sexuality     3
PSY 530 Gender Roles  3
PSY 545 Behavior Disorders in Children  3
PSY 605 Memory & Cognition  3
PSY 671 Advanced Psychopathology  3
PSY 674 Individual Intelligence Testing     3
PSY 675 Personality Assessment     3
PSY 679 Behavior Therapy and Assessment  3
SPED 672 Counseling Parents of the Exceptional Child  3
SPED 673 Medical Aspects of Disability     3
SPED 674 Psychocultural/Psychological Aspects of Disability  3
 Total Hours 12

B-2) Special Education Licensure & Master’s Degree Option:
    In addition to the 12-credit emphasis area courses required (component B-1 courses), candidates seeking SPED licensure as part of the MA program are expected to complete the following Special Education CORE and licensure requirements.

Special Education CORE (component B-2 courses) Hours
RDED 511  Teaching and Diagnosis of Reading 3
SPED 510  Curriculum and Methods for Students with
 Mild and Moderate Exceptionalities
SPED 520  Curriculum and Methods for Students with Severe Exceptionalities 3
SPED 530  Reading Instruction in Special Education 3
 Total Hours 12

Licensure Requirements

GNED 201 Introduction to Teaching 3
GNED 251 Field-Based I, Teacher Prep Experience
(Taken concurrently with GNED 201)
GNED 351 Field-Based II, Teacher Prep Experience 2
GNED 444 Computer Applications in Education 3
SPED 455 Classroom Management 3
SPED 434 Practicum 18
Total Hours 18

C)  Research Methodology Courses Required:
Courses in this component will be completed by all students.

GNED 610 Educational Research Interpretation 3
GNED 605 Statistics for Educators 3
Total Hours 6

Capstone Project Requirement:

Candidates will select one of the three (3) Capstone Projects listed below and identify the project at the time the Program of Study is completed.  Candidates may change their Capstone Project up until their last semester of studies.  Enrollment in corresponding courses during project completion is required.  Candidates selecting the Comprehensive Exam Option must have six (6) elective credits on the Program of Study to replace the 6 Thesis/Field Project credits.

SPED 697 Field Project 1-6
SPED 699
Thesis 1-6
Comprehensive Exam
Total Hours 6
TOTAL PROGRAM HOURS (Non-licensure Option)  
TOTAL PROGRAM HOURS (LICENSURE + MA in Special Education) 54