ITS Technical Help For Faculty and Staff

Please select the link below that best helps you address your problem or question.

1. You are a Highlands employee and you need to change your password.

Click here if you need to do any of the following:
I want to change my password.
I want to lookup my username or Banner ID.

If you are a faculty or staff member having problems with your user account, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 505.454.3496.

If you have forgotten your password, you must contact the ITS Help Desk to reset it. The reset password step will not work for employees.

2. Computer help for employees

Click here for computer help for employees.

This document provides information for employees about using computers on campus.

3. Frequently Asked Questions About Using Computers at Highlands

Click here for the list of questions and answers.

This document offers information and best practices about using computers while at Highlands.
This is a list of questions and answers that ITS shares with students during the First Year Experience classes.

4. ITS Policies on Computer, Network, and Email

Click here to view policies

You can read the ITS policies that govern use of university computers.

5. Faculty & staff password policy

Click here to learn about Highlands University password policy for faculty & staff.

You want to learn about the password rules.
The system does not like your new password.

6. Highlands ITS technical self-help for students

Click here to learn about Highlands University online services for students and how to access them.

Survival tips and help for students from ITServices@NMHU. (Save Me)
What are the online services?
What is my password?
How do I get to Highlands student email?

7. Username application for new Highlands University faculty or staff

Click here for a faculty/staff username application form.

A username/password is required for Highlands employees (faculty or staff) to have access to university computers or online resources.
Please complete the application and send it to the email address in the instructions or print out the completed application and take it to ITS.
It takes about one working day for a username to be created.

8. How do faculty/staff access the university’s wireless network?

Accessing the wireless network requires that a certificate be installed on the laptop computer.

The computer must be taken to ITS for the certificate to be installed.
ITS is located on the ground floor of Donnelly Library.

9. How do faculty/staff get student email addresses now that student email is on live at edu (

Faculty should be able to see student email addresses in rosters in Self-Service Banner(SSB). Advisers can also get email addresses in SSB.

If you are trying to get the email address of student who is not in your class or you are not a faculty member, please click on this link.
You will need to login and you might need to enter the domain in the form HU_ADM\yourusername or

10. How do faculty/staff access SPSS on the HUSPSS server?

If you are using a PC, Click here for instructions.
If you are using a MAC, Click here for instructions.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 505.454.3496 or stop by our office on the ground floor of the Donnelly Library.