Highlands University Mission Statement and Core Values


The vision of New Mexico Highlands University will provide an inspiring multicultural learning environment that promotes excellence, empowerment, transformation, and global understanding.

The mission of New Mexico Highlands University is, "Education through teaching, research, and service."

The core values are advancement of knowledge, student success, a diversity of ideas, accessible education, community, individual well-being, sustainable practices, and multiculturalism.

New Mexico Highlands University’s primary mission is to advance student knowledge and promote student success. In order to achieve this, all members of the university community will endeavor to promote a respectful and stimulating living and learning environment. To succeed in meeting and, more importantly, maintaining these goals, we will develop effective and efficient academic and administrative processes, systems, and structures that support continuous improvement.

We realize that our responsibility as an institution of higher learning extends beyond the confines of the campus. To meet this responsibility, we will promote the educational, social, cultural, and economic advancement as well as the environmental sustainability of the region. Through these outreach activities, we seek to enhance the university’s reputation and external support. Finally, if all of the goals and objectives are successfully met, student enrollment at Highlands will increase.