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The Thomas C. Donnelly Library supports the teaching, research and community activities of New Mexico Highlands University. It acquires, organizes, preserves and makes accessible pertinent information and scholarly materials that advance the curricular needs, intellectual pursuits and personal enrichment of its clientele. It promotes programs and services that emphasize the diversity of the university’s multicultural community and heritage. In accordance with New Mexico Highlands University’s overall educational commitment, it elicits an environment of respect and understanding for its diverse population in an intellectually stimulating atmosphere that is conducive to academic achievement.

Who Was Thomas C. Donnelly?

The 10th President of New Mexico Highlands University (1952 -1970), Drdonnelly_portrait. Thomas C. Donnelly made and accomplished many goals. The emphasis he placed on accomplishing these goals was that he was going to make Highlands a fine small university in the arts and sciences, teacher preparation, business administration, pre-professional studies, and vocational training. With this in mind, between 1952 and 1970, Dr. Donnelly was responsible for the construction and renovation of many buildings along with the landscaping of campus grounds. The library was included in this construction with its completion in 1966, and its dedication to Dr. Donnelly for his contributions and improvements to the university. These achievements won him the distinguished service award of the Albuquerque Junior Chamber of Commerce, on September 24, 1958, for his contributions to the improvement of education in New Mexico while serving as President of Highlands University.