University Archives Finding Aid


1.0 Board of Regents Collection  
2.0 Office of the President Collection  
3.0 Office of the Provost Collection  
4.0 Faculty Collection  
6.0 Office of the Vice President for Finance Collection  
8.0 Office of the Vice President and Dean of Students Collection  
10.0 Office of Research, Planning, and Institutional Development Collection  
12.0 Registrar’s Office Collection  
14.0 Thomas C. Donnelly Library Collection  
  14.2 Archives Collection
16.0  College of Arts and Sciences Collection  
  16.2  Department of Behavioral Sciences Collection
  16.4 Department of Biology Collection
  16.6 Department of Chemistry Collection
  16.8 Department of Communication and Fine Arts Collection
  16.10 Department of Engineering Collection
  16.12 Department of English and Philosophy Collection
  16.14 Department of History and Political Science Collection
  16.16 Department of Languages and Literature Collection
  16.18 Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Collection
  16.20 Department of Natural Resources Collection
  16.22 Department of Physics Collection
18.0 Department of Physics Collection  
20.0 School of Education Collection  
  20.2  Department of Health, Physical Education and Leisure Services Collection
22.0 School of Social Work Collection  
24.0 Office of International Education Collection  
28.0 New Mexico Highlands University Centers Collection  
30.0 Office of Assessment Collection  
32.0 Computer Networking Services Collection  
34.0 Human Resources Office Collection  
36.0 Campus Security Collection  
38.0 Facilities Management Collection  
50.0 Athletics Collection  
52.0 Office of Alumni Affairs Collection  
54.0 New Mexico Highlands University Collection  
56.0 University Relations Collection  
60.0 Photography Collection  
100.0 Student Newspaper Collection  
102.0 Related Material Collection  
104.0 Faculty and Alumni Collection  
  104.1 Dr. Jay Schufle Collection
  104.3 Dr. Maurilio Vigil Collection
  104.5 Juan José Peña Collection
  104.7 Dr. Cecilio Orozco Collection
  104.9 Harold Lee Prosser Collection
  104.11 Clarence Loomis Collection
  104.13 Clarence Loomis Collection