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12Find Web Sites

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Internet Search Engines



   A very large and popular search engine that allows you to search the web, groups, images, directories and news. For the majority of searches, the best place to start. Partial Boolean.



The oldest of all the engines and directories. Powered by Google. So why use it? Consider Yahoo anytime you want a human-reviewed web site. Also Yahoo acquired Inktomi, a crawler-based engine that rivals Google.

  Previously Teoma, is a crawler-based search engine.  It has a smaller index than Google.  Features subject specific ranking.  Suggests terms within results to refine the search.

Alta Vista

  Large, but smaller than Google, or AllTheWeb. Full Boolean searching and powerful searching within results using sort by box in Advanced Search. Gives access to web, images, MP3/Audio, video, directory, news. Advanced Search allows user to turn off/on a great variety of files.

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 Specialized Search Engines


Google Scholar

  Search scholarly sites.

Scirus: for scientific information only

  Developed by Elsevier Science, Scirus enables scientists, students and anyone searching for scientific information to chart and pinpoint data, locate university sites, and find reports and articles in a clutter-free, user-friendly and efficient manner.

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  Evaluating the validity of information obtained from a web site, newspaper article, book and everything else in between is one of the most difficult tasks to perform. You need to ask yourself a variety of questions for which you often have no answers.  Don’t despair. There are number of very good Internet resources that will help you look for the crucial elements to evaluate a site; and, don’t forget the Writing Lab here on campus where you can talk to some real people.

Internet Resources for Evaluating Web Sites

  The Teaching Library, University of California, Berkeley
  The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: or, Why It's a Good Idea to Evaluate Web Sources, New Mexico State University




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  These are web sites selected by our librarians.
  Websites by Subject:  Complete List of sites by subject
  Business Web Sites
  Education Web Sites
  Social Work Web Sites
  Reference Web Sites
  Government Web Sites
  Quick Information:  Links to dictionaries, encyclopedias & general databases

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