NMHU Police/Security Department

Highlands police offers after-hours escort services for students, faculty and staff on campus.
Call 505.454.3278 to arrange an escort.

Phone numbers:

On-campus emergency (campus phones) 5555
On-campus emergency (cell phones) 505.454.3278
Non-emergency 505.454.3278
Las Vegas Police Department 505.425.7504
San Miguel County Sheriff 505.425.7589
New Mexico State Police 505.425.6771

2013 Campus Safety Report (PDF)

Highlands Police/Security Department

The Police/Security Department is a full-service police agency, open 24 hours daily.  It is not simply a security force; rather, it is similar to a municipal police department for a small city.
The primary functions of the department is keeping the peace, law enforcement, criminal investigations, and emergency response.  Integral to these are the crime prevention and public education programs that the department sponsors, such as:

  • Rape awareness and prevention
  • Crime prevention and reduction
  • Alcohol and drug awareness
  • Operation identification
  • Traffic and personal safety

In addition, the Police/Security Department works with other departments on campus to design specific training programs based on the needs of each area. Call the department for information on these programs.

The Highlands Police/Security Services publish its crime statistics yearly in accordance with the United States Department of Education and Clery Act of 1990.

Safety is Everyone’s Concern

A campus community relies on a peaceful, safe and secure environment.  Preserving this environment is a responsibility everyone must share.  Campus community members are asked to be aware of university policies and procedures and to report any crime or suspicious activity.

Everyone needs to be realistic about personal safety.  While the Highlands Police/Security Department strives to keep the campus safe, it cannot do so if people intentionally choose to engage in risky activity.  Being aware of your surroundings and avoiding suspicious or dangerous activity can help keep you out of trouble.

Highlands Police on Criminal Activity

The Highlands University Board of Regents, the administration and the Highlands Police/Security Department will not condone any conduct that is illegal or that violates the rights of another individual. The department will make every effort to assist victims of crimes and aid in the prosecution of those responsible. The Highlands policies prohibiting alcohol use, drug use and criminal behavior may be found in the Highlands Code of Student Conduct (available from the Office of the Dean of Students).

Other Highlands Services

Counseling Services 505.454.3085
Health Center 505.454.3218
Housing & Student Conduct 505.454.3193
Dean of Students 505.454.3020
Facilities Management 505.454.3260


Highlands is an AA/EEO institution.  For disabled access or services, call 454.3252.