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Chartered Clubs and Organizations

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Highlands encourages students to look beyond the classroom. The Office of Campus Life oversees several clubs and organizations that are established by students.  Each club represents a unique interest, both educational and academic in nature.  Every chartered club and organization is open to all Highlands students.

All chartered clubs/organizations must (re)apply to the Office of Campus Life during the fall semester (no later than September 15) of each school year to be officially recognized by the university. Chartering of a new club/organization may take place at any time.

NMHU Chartered Student Clubs/Organizations 2018-19

Main Campus:

Activities Board
Type: Activities/Social
Purpose: To collaborate with student body on organization of events.
Adviser: Andrellita Chavez
Department: Campus Life (505) 454-3495

Anthropology Club
Type: Social/Educational
Purpose: To expand understanding of anthropology as a whole beyond the classroom.
Adviser: Victoria Evans
Department: Social & Behavioral Science (505-454-3283)

American Sign Language
Type: Social/Educational
Purpose: Promote study and awareness of deaf culture through interaction.
Adviser: Carol Litherland
Department: Languages & Culture (505-426-2141)

Association of Latino Professional In Finance & Accounting
Type: Professional
Purpose: To empower and develop men & women as leaders of character for the nation in every sector of the global economy.
Adviser: Carla S. Romero
Department: Business Administration  505-454-3576

Astronomy Club
Type: Social
Purpose: To encourage curiosity among community about planets, stars and our galaxy.
Adviser: Carlos T. Martinez
Department: Computer and Math Science 505-454-3203

Catholic Cowboy-Newman Club
Type: Religious
Purpose: To grow closer to Christ and learn more of the Catholic faith.
Adviser: Andrellita Chavez
Department: Campus Life 505 454-3201

Computer Science Club
Type: Academic/Interdisciplinary
Purpose: To support the professional growth of its members by providing opportunities for mentorship, career development, professional networking and community outreach.
Adviser: Richard Medina
Department: Computer and Math Science 505-426-2277

Crossroads Art Club
Type: Social
Purpose: Creating community in the Visual Art Program and exposing students to art work in galleries and museums.
Adviser: Shereen M. Lobdell
Department: Visual & Performing Art 505-454-3231

Delta Mu Delta
Type: Honorary
Purpose: To recognize students.
Adviser: Luis Ortiz
Department: School of Business 505-454-3584

Educators Rising
Type: Professional
Purpose: Cultivate highly skilled educators in teaching profession.
Adviser: Eva Yerende
Department: School of Education 505-891-6933

ESS Club
Type: Major/Minor
Purpose: To conduct volunteer service work at the University and in the community.
Adviser: Joe G. Schmalfeldt
Department: Exercise & Sport Sciences 505-454-3032

Gamma Alpha Omega Alumnae Chapter
Type: Sorority
Purpose: To help and support our graduate sisters in academic endears.
Adviser: Kimberly Blea (505) 454-3566
Department: Student Affairs

Gamma Alpha Omega Sorority, Inc.
Type: Sorority
Purpose: Sisterhood and to achieve academic excellence.
Adviser: Mary Cole
Department: Recruitment  505-454-3593

Highlands Dream Team
Type: Social
Purpose: To bring empowerment and leadership development for equal education opportunities.
Adviser: Eric Romero
Department: Language & Culture  505-454-3009

Highlands Student Leadership
Type: Social/Service
Purpose: To promote leadership service and social interaction among engaged student leaders.
Adviser: Yvonne Duran (505) 454-3020
Department: Office of Student Affairs

Hispanic Culture and Language Association
Type: Social
Purpose: To help students improve in Spanish and culture awareness.
Adviser: Edgar M. Blanco
Department: Languages & Culture  505-454-3175

International Club
Type: Social
Purpose: Cultural awareness
Adviser: Dale Kier
Department: International Educational 505-426-2194

International Service Group
Type: Social/Community service & volunteering
Purpose: To perform community service and volunteer acts on campus, in the community and internationally.
Adviser: Carol L. Litherland
Department: Languages & Culture (505-454-2141)

Living in Faith Together
Type: Religious and service
Purpose: To promote intercultural and interspiritual awareness and friendship.
Adviser: Carol L. Litherland
Department: Languages & Culture (505-454-2141)

Type: Cultural
Purpose: To promote higher education and study of history, politics and culture of Chicano people of Aztlan.
Adviser: Eric Romero
Department: Language & Culture  505-454-3009

Media Arts Production Club
Type: Work/Social
Purpose: To help students with potential internships and job opportunities by attending DSVC National Student Show in Dallas TX.
Adviser: Angela Meron
Department: Media Arts505-454-3461

National Society of Leadership and Success
Type: Leadership Society
Purpose: To encourage, educate and motivate the future leaders of our world
Adviser: Helene Boudreau
Department: Nursing 505-426-2116

New Mexico Review
Type: Literary Journal
Purpose: To solicit and select poetry, fiction and non-fiction submissions and publish a review at semester’s end.
Adviser: Lauren Fath
Department: English 505-454-3415

NMHU Alumni Zumba
Type: Fitness
Purpose: To promote and offer fitness opportunity to NMHU staff, faculty, students and community.
Adviser: Theresa Law
Department: Foundation 505-454-3198

NMHU Cheer
Type: Sports Club
Purpose: To promote school spirit within our University and community.
Adviser: Jessica Snow
Department: Biology 505-426-2118

NMHU Chemistry Club
Type: Social
Purpose: To encourage learning and interest in the field of chemistry, and science in general.
Adviser: Dr. Jiao Chen
Department: Chemistry 505-426-2071

NMHU Disc Golf Club
Type: Social
Purpose: To promote health via disc golf for NMHU students and the Las Vegas community.
Adviser: Shannon Hunt
Department: Athletics 505-454-3587

NMHU Esports
Type: Social
Purpose: To introduce Esports to NMHU community in a fun and inclusive environment, foster friendly competition and teamwork and learn about the games community and industry at large.
Adviser: Benjamin Villarreal
Department: English 505-426-2283

NMHU Latin & Ballroom Dance Club
Type: Social/Educational
Purpose: To teach and learn Latin and ballroom dance through lessons, workshops and practice time.
Advisor: Stephen Weatherburn
Department: School of Education 505-454-3108

NMHU Native American Club
Type: Honorary/Social
Purpose: To effectively organize the student body to assume duties and responsibilities of self-government and to define Native American student rights, individually and collectively within the University community.
Adviser: Leon Bustos
Department: Psychology(505-454-3321

Type: Honor Society
Purpose: To encourage, stimulate and maintain excellence in scholarship in psychology and advance psychological science.
Adviser: Daniel P. Chadborn
Department: Psychology 505-454-3321

Vatos Rugby Club (RFC)
Type: Social
Purpose: To play rugby, turn boys into men and graduate.
Adviser: William Hayward
Department: Exercise Sports Sciences 505-426-2024

NMHU Running Club
Type: Exercise
Purpose: To promote healthy aspects of socialization through exercise.
Adviser: Jessica Snow
Department: Biology 505-426-2118

Performing Arts Club
Type: Performing Arts
Purpose: Conduct performances in a learning environment.
Adviser: Donald Evans
Department: Visual & Performing Arts 505-454-3572

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity
Type: Fraternity
Purpose: To promote a culture of service and service to humanity.
Adviser: Keith Tucker
Department: School of Business 505-426-2088

Phi Eta Sigma
Type: Honorary
Purpose: To recognize outstanding academic excellence among freshmen.
Adviser: Margaret Apodaca
Department: Office of Campus Life 505-454-3495

Phi Kappa Phi
Type: Honorary
Purpose: To recognize outstanding academic excellence among juniors, seniors and graduate students
Adviser: Maureen Romine
Department: Biology 505-454-3264

PRISM: Promoting Respect for Identity & Sexuality Movement
Type: Social
Purpose: To educate those unaware of LGBTQAI+ issues and terminology, to represent inclusion and coalition-building on campus and community. To promote respect for identity, sexuality and personal representation.
Adviser: Elizabeth Mohanna
Department: ARMAS 505-426-2011

Sigma Tau Delta, International English Honor Society
Type: Honor society
Purpose: To confer distinction for high achievement in English language and literature in undergraduate, graduate and professional studies.
Adviser: Donna Woodford-Gormley
Department: English 505-454-3253

Student Ambassadors
Type: Social
Purpose: To show purple pride, give students a chance to be involved on campus and participate.
Adviser: Kimberly J. Blea
Department: Student Affairs 505-454-3566

Student Athlete Advisory Committee
Type: Athletics Committee
Purpose: To empower student athletes one voice at a time
Adviser: Shannon Tillett
Department: Athletics 505-454-3368

Undergraduate Social Work Association
Type: Social /Education
Purpose: To promote community service through networking and community based projects
Adviser: Benjamin Bencomo
Department: Social Work 505-454-3326

Updated 9/24/18