Spanish Grammar Video Tutorials

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Supplement your language learning outside of the classroom by watching this Spanish grammar video instructional series.


Capítulo 1

Capítulo 2
Singular Nouns: Gender and Articles

Nouns and Articles: Plural Forms

Describing Adjectives: Gender, Number, and Position

Subject Pronouns: Present Tense of -ar Verbs: Negation Part 1

Present Tense of Ser; Summary of Uses
Subject Pronouns: Present Tense of -ar Verbs: Negation Part 2 (Unstressed) Possessive Adjectives
Asking Yes/No Questions Present Tense of -er and -ir Verbs; Subject Pronouns
Capítulo 3 Capítulo 4
Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns Hacer, oír, poner, salir, traer, and ver
Tener, venir, preferir, querer, and poder; Some idioms with tener Present Tense of Stem-Changing Verbs
Ir; Ir+a+infinitive; The Contraction “al” Reflexive Pronouns
Capítulo 5 Capítulo 6
Presente Progressive: Estar + (-ndo) Direct Objects
Summary of the Uses of Ser and Estar Expressing Negation – Indefinite and Negative Words
Comparisons Formal Commands
Capítulo 7 Capítulo 8
Indirect Object Pronouns Irregular Preterites
Expressing Likes and Dislikes -Gustar Preterite of Stem-Changing Verbs
Preterite of Regular Verbs and of dar,hacer, ir, and ser Expressing Direct and Indirect Objects Together – Double Object Pronouns
Capítulo 9 Capítulo 10
Imperfect of Regular and Irregular Verbs Using the Preterite and the Imperfect
Expressing Extremes – Superlatives Recognizing que, quien(es), lo que – Relative Pronouns
Summary of Interrogative Words Reciprocal Actions with Reflexive Pronouns
Capítulo 11 Capítulo 12
Hace…que: Another Use of hacer Tú (Informal) Commands
Expressing Unplanned or Unexpected Events: Another use of se Expressing Subjective Actions or States (1)

Expressing Subjective Actions or States (2)

¿Por o para?  – A summary of their uses Expressing Desires and Requests – Use of the Subjunctive: Influence
Capítulo 13 Capítulo 14
Use of Subjunctive: Emotion Past Participle Used As an Adjective
Use of Subjunctive: Doubt and Denial Perfect Forms: Present Perfect Indicative
Expressing Influence, Emotion, Doubt, and Denial Perfect Forms: Present Perfect Subjunctive
Capítulo 16 Capítulo 18
Talking About the Future – Future Verb Expressing What You Would Do – Conditional Verb Forms
Expressing Future or Pending Actions – The Subjunctive: Subjuntive and Indicative Hypothetical Situations: What if…?