The Composition Program serves the university mission through its commitment to preparing lifelong learners.  In English 100, 111, and 112, students learn that writing is a social practice and that the effectiveness of writing depends on the writer’s attention to situation, purpose, and audience.  Instructors teach the evidence-based reasoning privileged in academic contexts, and therefore emphasize that writing and reading are integrated.  Our program goal is not only to improve student writing, but also to teach students to learn how to analyze and write for every new situation they encounter.  In this way, we aim to teach for transfer.

The Composition Program demonstrates its commitment to teaching excellence and individualized attention by maintaining a culture of ongoing inquiry, training, and support for teaching assistants and instructors.   In addition to staying current on research in effective course design for Highlands’ unique student population, the program’s instructors and administrators continually research and share effective methods of mentoring and collaborative learning, so the informal relationships crucial to learning are also nurtured.

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