School of Business, Media and Technology

Dr. Margaret Young, Dean
Sininger Hall, Room 235
FAX: 505.454.3354

School of Business, Media, and Technology oversees: 

The School of Business, Media, and Technology prepares students for success in professional and creative careers and future academic endeavors.  Our rigorous and diverse learning environment supports critical thinking and cultivates ethical problem solvers who are agents of economic and social betterment in our ever-changing global environment.  As a professional school, we promote and teach best practices in our respective fields.

Vision Statement
Highlands’ School of Business Media and Technology empowers students to become respected members of a professional community in a holistic, interdisciplinary environment fostered by combining rigorous academics and active learning. We advance understanding and extend the frontiers of knowledge proactively in order to address complex problems in a manner that cultivates the human mind and spirit. We provide an ethical, inspiring, multicultural learning environment that promotes excellence, empowerment, transformation, and global understanding in our fields.

Heath Anderson (Marketing)
Ali Arshad (Economics & finance)
Donna Brooks (Management)
Chien-Chun Chen (Marketing)
Margot Geagon (Management & finance)
Christopher Hunter (Oil and Gas)
Miwako Jeffries (Accounting)
Nicolas Leger (Law)
Ronald Maestas (Management & MIS)
Emmanuel Nkwenti (Management & international business)
Luis Ortiz (Management & international business)
Charles Phelps (Oil and Gas)
Jennie Quillien (Management)
Charles Swim (MIS/management)
William Taylor (Economics)
Kent Tucker (Finance)
Donna Vigil (Accounting)
Margaret Young (Marketing)
Melanie Zollner (Management & Marketing)

Media Arts
Megan Jacobs (Media arts)
Miriam Langer (Media arts)
Kerry Loewen (Media arts)
Justin Plakas (Media Arts)
Andrew Wollner (Media arts)

Stanley Cohen (Software Systems Design)
Jonathan Lee (Software Systems Design)
Rodney Sanchez (Software Systems Design)