Policy Statement on Chalk & Wire

School of Education Policy Statement on Chalk & Wire (08/16/10)

  1. All undergraduate students admitted during the Fall of 2009 and after, are required to purchase Chalk & Wire.
  2. All graduate students admitted in the Fall of 2010 and after are required to purchase Chalk & Wire. Graduate students admitted to the School of Education prior to Fall 2010 must verify the status of Chalk & Wire utilization in their program of study with course instructors. If the program/course requires Chalk & Wire, then the student is required to purchase a license.

NOTE: Students enrolled in a course in which Chalk & Wire is listed as a required course material are required to purchase a license, regardless of the date they were accepted into the School of Education.

Chalk & Wire Help Desk: https://support.chalkandwire.com/home
Chalk & Wire User’s Manual: http://chalkandwire.com/help/ePortfolioGuide/Default_left.htm
If you can’t find the answers you need with the resources above, email chalkandwirehelp@nmhu.edu