Honors Minor

The Honors Program offers advanced and creative students an opportunity to develop their abilities and talents in classes and projects more challenging than those experienced by most undergraduates.  In the final course, students design a semester- long research or creative project of professional quality related to their major field of study.

The Honors Program offers the following distinct benefits: a superior education (more reading, writing, and seminar discussions among students and faculty, whereby students develop greater intellectual acuity, breadth of knowledge, and aptitude for creative thinking); small seminar-style classes; and recognition on transcripts of all honors courses, which is likely to enhance applications for professional careers and graduate schools.  Completion of the Honors Program fulfills the university requirement for an academic minor.

Students applying for admission as new freshmen with an ACT score of 21, or with a high school GPA of 3.5 or better, will be considered automatically and may be contacted and invited to participate in the program. Students may also be nominated by a high school teacher or counselor, or by a faculty member at Highlands University. Transfer students may be admitted with a college GPA of 3.5 or better.

Required courses: 21 credit hours

HONR 100 Honors Forum (2)

HONR 151 Honors Seminar I: The Ancients (4)

HONR 251 Honors Seminar II: Renaissance (4)

HONR 351 Honors Sem III: Reason & Romantic (4)

HONR 451 Honors Seminar IV: Modern & Beyond (4)

HONR 490 Honors Thesis (3)

Minor total:      21 credit hours