Are you as Diverse and Culturally Competent as you May Think?

Robert Schout, LMSW

6 Cultural CEUs

Helping professionals pride themselves on their empathic, non-judgmental, capacity-building, culturally competent skill sets. In doing so, too often they make false assumptions about and minimize any counter-claim, that they – and their organizations may be acting in culturally inappropriate ways. They look to a few token signs of diversity to psychologically substantiate their claim of being a “diverse organization” or a “culturally competent professional.” This provocative seminar provides participants with actual organizational and individual assessment tools and opportunities so that they can evaluate the level of diversity and cultural competence in self and organization and create action plans for appreciation and dramatic inclusion.

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New Mexico Highlands University
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Lou Ann Romero

June 20, 2014

8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

ENMU-Roswell Campus
52 University Blvd,.

10.00 per CEU
Checks payable to:
Highlands School of Social Work.
Please call or email to confirm
attendance. Space is limited!