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Dr. Eric Romero, Department Chair, Interim
Douglas Hall, Room 249
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Mission of the Discipline of Languages and Culture
Because of its location, the discipline of languages and cultures is committed to the preservation, interpretation, and promotion of the unique multicultural heritage of the region. Thus, it recognizes the importance of the Spanish and Native American presence in the local and global community. The discipline further strives to integrate other foreign languages along with their respective culture and literatures.

Carol Litherland, MA (American Sign Language)
Eric Romero, Ph.D. (Native American Hispano Studies)
Norma Valenzuela Ph.D. (Spanish)
Edgar Vargas Blanco, Ph.D. (Spanish)

The department does not offer a standalone graduate degree. The department offers graduate-level courses in Spanish that support graduate degrees in other disciplines such as Public Affairs, Southwest Studies, and Curriculum and Instruction. 

Courses in Spanish (SPAN)

SPAN 5010. Spanish Literature: Aspects of the Short Story (3); Var
This course traces the development of the short story from the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Golden Age to the present. Previous NMHU SPAN 501. 

SPAN 5020. Spanish Literature: Aspects of the Novel (3); Var
This course traces the development of the novel from its origins in prose fiction of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance to the present. Previous NMHU SPAN 502. 

SPAN 5030. Latin American Literature: Aspects of the Short Story (3); Var
This course traces the development of the Latin American short story from the ninetieth to the twentieth century. The different literary movements will be traced via this genre: romanticism, realism, naturalism, and modernism. Particular focus will be placed on the more current twentieth century short story. Previous NMHU SPAN 503. 

SPAN 5040. Latin American Literature: Aspects of the Novel (3); Var
This course focuses on the Spanish American novel from the Colonial period to the twentieth century. It emphasizes different periods within this genre, i.e., the colonial period, the regionalist novel, and the Latin American boom. Previous NMHU SPAN 504. 

SPAN 5050. Film in the Hispanic World (3); Fa, 3 yr cycle
This course introduces the field of visual arts and cinematic technique. The work of major Hispanic film directors will be presented and compared. Previous NMHU SPAN 505. 

SPAN 5060. Hispanic Women Authors (3); Sp, 3 yr cycle
This course is designed to introduce the student to the women authors in Spanish America, covering most genres through the works of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, Alfonsina Storni, Domitilia Chungara, Rosario Castellanos, Barbara Delano, and others. Previous NMHU SPAN 506.

SPAN 5200. Chicano Short Story of the Southwest (3); Var
This course is a study of major short story writers since the Chicano movement kicked into high gear in the mid-1960s. Master short story writers ranging from Sabine Ulibarri, Tomas Rivera, Rolando Hinojosa Smith, Miguel Mendez, and Rosaura Sanchez, to more modern prose writers such as Denise Chavez and Alicia Gaspar de Alba, among others, will be included. Previous NMHU SPAN 520. 

SPAN 5250. Spanish for the Profession (3); Sp
This course studies the vocabulary, expressions, and cultural background to successfully interact in business and professional situations in the Hispanic world. Prerequisite: SPAN 2010 or permission of instructor. Previous NMHU SPAN 525. 

SPAN 5260. Spanish for the Profession – Spanish for Law Enforcement (3); Var
This is an advanced course in Spanish for Law Enforcement personnel. The course focuses on situations commonly encountered by professionals in the law enforcement field. Previous NMHU SPAN 526. 

SPAN 5300. Introduction to Spanish Linguistics (3); Sp, 3 yr cycle
This course introduces the study of Spanish Linguistics, including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, historical linguistics, and socio-linguistics; combines discussion of theoretical issues with linguistic analysis of Spanish. Prerequisite: SPAN 3250. Previous NMHU SPAN 530. 

SPAN 5310. Civilization and Culture of Spain (3); Sp, 3 yr cycle
This course provides students with a synthetic and highly accessible overview of Spanish history, literature, and culture. Prerequisite: SPAN 3250 or permission of instructor. Previous NMHU SPAN 531. 

SPAN 5320. Civilization and Culture of Latin America (3); Sp, 3 yr cycle
This course presents the Spanish American experience of yesterday and today through the social, historical, political and literary aspects that this experience encompasses. Prerequisite: SPAN 3250 or permission of instructor. Previous NMHU SPAN 532. 

SPAN 5330. Civilization and Culture of New Mexico and the Southwest (3); Alt, Fa, Even
Spanish cultural developments and events that have brought about ethnic, economic, political, social, literary, linguistic and historical changes, and typical features in New Mexico and in the southwestern United States are covered in this course. Prerequisite: SPAN 3250 or permission of instructor. Previous NMHU SPAN 533. 

SPAN 5340. Practicum in Spanish (3); Var
Course is an experiential study directed by an instructor. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Previous NMHU SPAN 534. 

SPAN 5350–6350. Selected Topics in Spanish (1–4 VC); Var
Course in a topic or topics in Spanish. May be repeated with a change in content. Previous NMHU SPAN 535 – 635. 

SPAN 5360. Studies in Hispanic Literature (3); 3, 0 Var
This course attempts to introduce the student to the literary production in Spanish. Works written in the Americas and Spain will be studied. A myriad of authors, genres, and themes will be studied. The content of the course will vary each semester. Prerequisite: SPAN 3250 and SPAN 4000. Previous NMHU SPAN 536. 

SPAN 5410. Spanish for the Bilingual Classroom (3); Alt, Sp, Even
This course targets students of Bilingual Education and presents the Spanish language as it is applied in school community settings. Use of both vernacular and formal language will be included. Spanish is the language of instruction, inclusive of student presentations/ participation. Prerequisite: SPAN 3250. Previous NMHU SPAN 541. 

SPAN 5450. Teaching of Spanish: Theory and Methodology (3); Sp, 3 yr cycle
This course familiarizes prospective teachers with the philosophy, methodology, and practical techniques of teaching Spanish. Prerequisite: SPAN 3250 or equivalent. May also be taken as a Corequisite with SPAN 3250. Previous NMHU SPAN 545.

SPAN 5460. New Mexico during the 19th and 20th Centuries: An Intellectual Panorama (3); 3, 0 Var
This course endeavors to study writings created in New Mexico from different sources: personal journals, historical accounts, newspaper cultural articles, and literary renditions in all genres. Special attention will be devoted to the poetry of the Penitentes and the Oral Tradition of New Mexico’s Religious Theater during the 19th century. This course will be taught in Spanish. Prerequisite: SPAN 3250 and SPAN 4000. Previous NMHU SPAN 546. 

SPAN 5500. Seminar in Spanish (3); Sp, 3 yr cycle
Topic to be selected by instructor. Previous NMHU SPAN 550. 

SPAN 5520. Nobel Prize Laureates in Hispanic Literature (3); Var
The principal purpose of the course is to study the Nobel Prize Laureates from Spain and/or Spanish America to ascertain their literary greatness within the genre each one represents in Europe and the Western Hemisphere. May be repeated for credit. Previous NMHU SPAN 552. 

SPAN 5580. Colonial Literature of the Americas (3); 3, 1 Var
This course examines in depth literature written in Spain and in Spanish speaking America prior to and during Latin America’s colonial period which would, by geographical extension, include the American Southwest. Texts will include historically prior European works which influenced the conquistador’s ideology, and poetry, letters, diaries, and historical chronicles of Latin America and the Southwest from 1492 until the beginning of the 19th century. Prerequisite: Span 4330/5330. 

SPAN 5600. Hispanic Literature of the Southwest (3); Fa, 3 yr cycle
A study of Hispanic Southwestern literature written in English and in Spanish. The origins and evolution of this literature are discussed, from the early Spanish exploration to the most recent manifestations in every major literary genre. Prerequisite: SPAN 325 or instructor permission. Previous NMHU SPAN 560. 

SPAN 5620. Southwest Folklore (3); Var
A study of the different genres of New Mexican and southwestern folklore, along with the analysis of their popular, cultural, and literary values. Prerequisite: SPAN 2010, 2020, 2600 and 3250. Previous NMHU SPAN 562. 

SPAN 5640. Hispanic Women of New Mexico (3); Var
This course traces the role and contributions of the Hispana from colonial times to the present. The common-ordinary woman as well as the well-to-do will be studied from a social, cultural, political, and educational perspective. Previous NMHU SPAN 564. 

SPAN 5670. History of the Spanish Language (3); 3, 0 Sp, 3 yr cycle
This course traces the development of the Spanish language from Latin to the present. It analyzes the cultural, literary and historical factors that have contributed to its evolution. The transformations that the language undergoes in a different linguistic setting are studied in a section on sociolinguistics issues of United States southwestern Spanish. This course will be taught in Spanish. Previous NMHU SPAN 567. 

SPAN 5700. Chicano Literature of the Southwest (3); Alt, Sp, Odd
This is a survey course which studies major literary genres in Chicano literature spurred by the Chicano movement, such as essay, poetry, short story, novel and drama, and folk literature. Prerequisite: SPAN 4330 or permission of instructor. Previous NMHU SPAN 570. 

SPAN 5750. Latina Writers in Translation (3); 3, 0 Var
This course examines the literary production of Hispanic women in the U.S. Gender, race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic issues are analyzed. Through their writings, these women are active in developing new categories of knowledge and creative expression, which demonstrate how Hispanic women position themselves and are positioned within the context of history, culture, and society. Previous NMHU SPAN 575. 

SPAN 5900–6900. Independent Study (1–4 VC); Var
Individual directed study arranged with an instructor. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Previous NMHU SPAN 590 – 690. 

SPAN 6000. Research Methods in Spanish/Modern Languages (3); Var
The purpose of this course is to teach graduate students the art of research methods and methodology for the study of Spanish/Modern Languages and Literature. Topics that will be addressed are: the meaning of scholarship, plagiarism, parts of a research paper, and composition. There will be an oral presentation of the abstract of the final research paper. Other topics to be discussed are literary theory and archival research. Previous NMHU SPAN 600. 

SPAN 6500. Seminar (1–4 VC); Var
Seminar course in a topic or topics in the language or literature of the Spanish Southwest. Previous NMHU SPAN 650. 

SPAN 6520. Seminar: Contemporary Chicano Writers of the Southwest (3); Var
Literary achievements of Chicano writers of the Southwest, beginning with the Chicano movement of the 1960s. This course will be taught in Spanish and/or English, according to the needs of the students. Previous NMHU SPAN 652. 

SPAN 6920. Independent Research (1–4 VC); Var
Independent research arranged with an instructor. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Previous NMHU SPAN 692. 

SPAN 6990. Thesis (1–6 VC); Var
Individual research and writing in preparation of a graduate thesis. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Will be accomplished by the study of specific vocabulary and terminology pertaining to those professions. Previous NMHU SPAN 699.



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