Required Core Courses: 15 credit hours
Biol 600 Research Methods (3)
For 620 Adv Topic in ESM (2)*
For 525 Field Safety Practices (1)
For 625 Advanced Quantitative Methods in ESM (3)
For 650 Graduate Seminar (1) **
*May be repeated for credit with different subject matter for a total of 4 credit hours.
**Taken for four semesters to equal a total of 4 hours.

Elective Courses: 20-24 credit hours
With the advice and consent of the graduate advisor, choose from 500 and 600 level courses in geology, NRM, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, or other appropriate disciplines to bring the total number of credits to at least 33 semester hours. In addition, students will complete approximately seven hours of thesis credits. The courses listed below are recommendations only.

Students are encouraged to develop their program of study along their lines of interest with consent of their principal advisor.

Anth 581 Cultural Res Mgmt (3)
For 500 Surface Hydrology (3)
For 508 Limnology (4)
For 512 Introduction to Geographic Information System and Surveying (4)
For 517 Watershed Management (4)
For 553 Toxicology in Life Sci (4)
Geol 515 Advanced Remote Sensing and Analysis (4)
Geol 518 Advanced Geographic Information System (4)
Geol 521 Environmental Ground Water Hydrology (4)
Geol 522 Genesis & Impact of Earth Resources (3)
Geol 524 Environmental Geophysics (4)
Geol 532 Environmental Geochemistry (3)
Geol 600 Environmental Mineralogy (3)
Geol 610 NM Geologic Resources and Environmental Policy (3)
Geol 620 Clay Mineralogy (4)