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Human Performance And Sport Emphasis in Sport Administration Framework

Human Performance and Sport
Emphasis in Sport Administration Framework
With Emphasis in Sport Administration, students may select an interdisciplinary approach that best satisfies their specific needs. Students may select either a thesis, field project, or comprehensive exam option. A total of 36 credit hours are required.
 Required for all HPS students
Dept. Course Number Course Name Credits
HPS 620 Research Methods in HPLS 3
HPS 670 Assessment and Evaluations in HPLS 3
HPS 612 Sport in Society 3
HPS 613 Physical Education, Athletics and the Law 3
HPS 641 Issues in HPLS 3
HPS 651 Administration of Athletics 3
HPS 697
Field Project
 Or you can choose the Comprehensive exam option in place of the Field Project or Thesis by taking six credits of coursework:
HPS 5/6xx Choose an Elective 3
HPS 5/6xx Choose an Elective 3
 Choose 12 credits from the following:
HPS 508 Principles, Ethics, and Problems of Athletic Coaching 3
HPS 509 Economics and Finance in Sport 3
HPS 512 Public Relations In Sport 3
HPS 515 Women in Sport 3
HPS 516 Aquatics Management 3
HPS 5/634 Practicum in HPS 1-4
HPS 5/635 ST in HPS 1-4
HPS 5/650 Seminar in HPS 1-4
HPS 561 Sport Marketing and Promotion 3
HPS 565 Planning Areas and Facilities 3
HPS 572 Biomechanics of Sport
HPS 578 Psychology of Coaching 3
HPS 5/690 Independent Study 1-4
HPS 5/698 Internship 1-9
HPS 604 Curriculum Design 3
HPS 660 History and Philosophy of Physical Education and Sport 3
EdLd 673 Public School Administration 3
Acct 606 Managerial Accounting 3
FIN 607 Financial Management 3
MGMT 664 Organizational Behavior 3
MIS 525 Information Systems: Management Issues and Technology 3
Mktg 511 Marketing Research 3
 Total Credits  36