Women’s studies is an interdisciplinary field that grew out of the recognition that the experience and potential of over half the world’s population has real consequences for academic study and teaching, research and scholarship. By considering women – both-as subjects of inquiry and as inquiring subjects – we have discovered new ways of thinking about gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity and their intersections in disciplines. The minor is a total of 21 credit hours.

Required Courses: 9 credit hours

WMST 200 Introduction to Women’s Studies (3)
WMST 300 Feminist Theory (3)
WMST 499 Independent Research (3)

Electives: 12 credit hours

Choose are least 12 additional credit hours from the list of women’s studies courses in consultation with the major adviser.

CJS 409 Domestic & Sexual Violence (3)
ENGL 314 Women in Literature (3)
ENGL 315 Native American Women’s Literature: Voices and Visions (3)
ENGL 318 Chicano/a Literature (3)
ENGL 464 Women and Rhetoric (3)
HLTH 352 Health & Sex Education (3)
HIST 411 Women in the US (3)
PSY 422 Human Sexuality (3)
PSY 430 Gender Roles (3)
SW 429 Family Violence (3)
SPAN 406 Hispanic Women Authors (3)
SOC 429 Gender, Culture, and Society (3)
SOC 450 Women and Globalization (3)

Minor total: 21 credit hours