Fall Full Time Schedule Option

The full time program is ideal for students who recently completed their ADN wishing to move straight into a bachelor’s program. The full program is also recommended for professional nurses working part- time. All students who plan on applying for the full time program must complete statistics prior to program entry

program Class Hours
First Year Fall
NURS 340 Advancement of Professional Nursing 3
NURS 360 Cultural Competencies & Health Care 3
NURS 320 Health Assessment 3
Remaining General Education/Core Course 3
First Year Spring
NURS 370 Nursing Research 3
NURS 431 Community Health Nursing 3
NURS 447 Community Health Practicum 4
Remaining General Education/Core Course 3
First Year Summer
NURS 332 Nursing Informatics 3
NURS 432 Health Care Law & Policy 3
Second Year Fall
NURS 451 Professional Nurse Leadership 3
NURS 452 Nursing Leadership Practicum 4