In addition to nursing courses students will be required to complete the New Mexico Common Core to be awarded a bachelor’s degree.

THE FORMAT BELOW ONLY DISPLAYS THE CORE REQUIREMENTS NEEDED TO OBTAIN A Bachelor of Science in Nursing from New Mexico Highlands University.

AREA I: Communications (9 Credit Hours)
ENGL 111 Freshman Composition I
ENGL 112 Freshman Composition II
Beginning Speech or Interpersonal Communication
AREA II: Mathematics (3 Credit Hours)
*MATH 120 Intermediate Algebra
MATH 145 Introduction to Statistics
AREA III: Lab Science (8 Credit Hours)
BIOL 231 Human A & P I w/Lab
BIOL 232 Human A & P II w/Lab
AREA IV: Social & Behavioral Sciences ( 6 Credit Hours)
PSY 101 Psychology & Society
SOC 152 Intro to Sociology
ANTH 102 Intro to Sociocultural Anthro
ANTH 103 Devel. Of Cultures & Civilizations
POLS 151 American National Government
ECON 216 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 217 Principles of Microeconomics
AREA V: Humanities & Fine Arts (select 1)
HIST 100 Western World
HIST 201 US History to 1877
HIST 202 US History since 1877
PHIL 100: Intro to Philosophy
Fine Arts (select 1)
MUS 100 Introduction to Music
MUS 101 Rudiments of Music
ART 100 Introduction to Art
ART 310 Art History I
ART 311 Art History II
ART 340 Modern Art
ART 380 Art of the Americas
THEA 100 Introduction to Theater
MART 261 History of Motion Pictures
One Additional Course from AREA IV or V (3 Credit Hours)

*Intermediate Algebra may be required as a prerequisite to introduction to statistics