The chemistry concentration includes the study of inorganic, analytical, physical, and organic chemistry and biochemistry, with applied emphases in medicinal and materials chemistry, reaction mechanisms, and environmental chemistry. This program requires a research project culminating in an original thesis for each student. The chemistry concentration prepares candidates for entry into the chemistry profession or for Ph.D. work.

Required courses:
Chem 519 Chem Lab 7 3
Chem 541 Reaction Mech 3
Chem 621 Adv Analy Chem 3
Chem 671 Chem Thermodyn 3
Chem 672 Quantum Chem 3
Chem 691 Chem Colloq 1*
 Chem 699 Thesis 1-8
Choose one of the following:
 Chem 561 Inorganic Chem I 3
 Chem 581 Biochemistry 1 3

* Taken for two semesters to equal a total of 2 credit hours.

Electives: 6
Choose at least six credits in graduate courses from biology, chemistry, environmental science, geology, physics, or other appropriate disciplines with approval of a graduate adviser.

Program Total: 34