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Educational Leadership Department Programs

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Educational Leadership Program (MA)  |  Education Leadership |  Licensure Certificate Program

Educational Leadership Program (MA)

The 36-credit hour program is structured for candidates who have completed an undergraduate degree and are at a minimum of a Level II Teaching License or comparable out-of-state license.


Sites/Programs            Masters (M.A.)

Las Vegas, NM           X

Rio Rancho, NM         X

Santa Fe, NM  X

Farmington, NM         X


Required Core Courses           Hours

EDLD 600      Leadership Exploration           3

EDLD 615      School Finance and Resource Allocation        3

EDLD 620      Legal Issues for School Leaders         3

EDLD 640      Leadership, Supervision, and Evaluation        3

EDLD 660      Data Informed Instructional Leadership          3

EDLD 680      Reflective Leadership  3

EDLD 698 I    Internship 1 (required of licensure candidates only1)  3

EDLD 698 II   Internship 2 (required of licensure candidates only1)  3

EDLD 697      Field Project*  1-3

EDLD 699      Thesis*            1-3

EDLD 605      Statistics          3

EDLD 610      Research Interpretations          3

Total hours of required core courses  30

1 Candidates in higher education who are not licensed K-12 teachers and others not interested in obtaining NM Administrative Licensure do not take EDLD 698 1 or 2. Additional related courses at the 500-level or higher may be approved by the advisor.

* These credits only apply for students completing a field project or thesis. Students selecting the Written Comprehensive Exam option may not count 697 or 699 credits toward graduation. They must take three additional approved credits.

Emphasis Area

EDLD 611      Action Research in Education 3

EDLD 630      School and Community Relations       3

EDLD 635/535           Selected Topics in Educational Leadership**  1-3

GENED 663   Principles of Curriculum Construction            3

EDLD 690      Independent Study*** 3

**Selected topics provide different offerings each semester. Candidates may take more than one 635/535 offering.

*** Only 1-3 credits of Independent Study may apply toward the MA


Educational Leadership Licensure

Sites/Programs Masters (M.A.)
Las Vegas, NM X
Rio Rancho, NM X
Santa Fe, NM X
Farmington, NM X

Required 24-Credit Core for NM Administrative Licensure

Required Core Courses Hours
EDLD 600 Leadership Exploration 3
EDLD 615 School Finance and Resource Allocation 3
EDLD 620 Legal Issues for School Leaders 3
EDLD 640 Leadership, Supervision, and Evaluation 3
EDLD 680 Reflective Leadership 3
EDLD 698 I Internship I 3
EDLD 698 II Internship II 3

*Licensure candidates filing a Program of Study beginning in Fall of 2011 will be required to meet the new NMPED Core of 24-required credits including EDLD 600, 615, 620, 640, 660, and 698 1 & 2.

Additional emphasis area courses are not required for licensure. They may be taken to expand and supplement the core; however, they may not be used to substitute for courses from the 24-credit core.

Emphasis Area (optional)
EDLD 611 Action Research in Education 3
EDLD 630 School and Community Relations 3
EDLD 635/535 Supervision & Evaluation of School Personnel 1-3
GENED 663 Principles of Curriculum Construction 3
GENED 690 Independent Study 1-3