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New Spanish Courses at Highlands

Did you grow up around Spanish? Was Spanish spoken in your home and community by parents, grandparents, family, friends, and/or neighbors? Would you like to improve your Spanish? The Spanish as a heritage language courses are designed to build your confidence and your cultural pride!

What is a heritage language?

A heritage language is a language spoken in the home and community by parents or grandparents, family, friends, and neighbors.

About the Program

The Spanish as a heritage language classes at Highlands provides Spanish language instruction designed for individuals who grew up in a Spanish-speaking environment but might not speak Spanish themselves. These classes build upon the language base which students already possess and address the social, political, and cultural factors contributing to Spanish language loss within New Mexico. The Spanish as a heritage language classes at Highlands are designed for Spanish/English speakers who consider Spanish their heritage language.

This major is under the College of Arts and Science