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Information Technology Services FAQ

Q.How can I save and back up my files?

Q What is ITS?
A. ITS is Information Technology Services, which is responsible for the acquisition, maintenance, and security of computers, software, telephones, and the network on campus.
Q Where is ITS located?
A. The Help Desk is located in Donnelly Library on the Ground Floor.  505-426-2215
Q. What is the ITS Help Desk number?
A. The ITS Help Desk Main Line is 505-426-2215.
Q. Why do I need a university student username?

All computers on campus require a username and password to login. The username and password provides you access to university computers, email, Blackboard, Self-Service Banner (SSB), and remote library resources.

You must never use another person’s username and you must never share your username and password with any one else. You are responsible for what happens under your username and if there is any violation of the university computer usage policy, you will be responsible.

Q. Why do I need student email? I already have an email account?
A. The university student email account is used for official communications from the university. You are responsible for checking your email and managing your email account. You should check it regularly to make sure you do not miss any important messages.
Q. How do I send an email to my professor or another student?
A. There are two ways to lookup up email addresses. One is using the student email system, create a new email, and click on the “To:” button and it lets you search for students or staff.
Or you can email faculty and staff from the Highlands’ web page by searching in the Staff Directory. You can actually send email directly from the campus directory.
Q. What is Brightspace?
A. Brightspace is NMHU’s learning management system that provides online access to courses and to course materials. Brightspace is used in conjunction with online, hybrid, and traditional classes It also provides access to online sessions that use ZOOM and chat.  Brightspace (formerly known as D2L) is the same learning management system that students and faculty are already familiar with, just under a different name.  The company D2L changed the name of its learning management system in 2014.
Q. What is Self-Service Banner (SSB)?
A. Banner is the university’s administrative software system where information about your classes, grades, and accounts is stored. Self-Service Banner is a way for students, faculty, and staff to access their information in Banner. You can check your class schedules, view your account balance, see your grades, view an unofficial transcript, see your financial aid, make online payments, respond to a survey, evaluate your classes, and as an upper classman add and drop classes. Rather than going to the appropriate office and having them look it up in Banner for you, you can do from wherever you have internet access, any time of the day and any day.
Q. How can I back up my files?

Your Office 365 license includes 50 GB of cloud storage in OneDrive.  ITS recommends using OneDrive to store your files.

You are responsible for your files and documents. We can offer suggestions, but you have to back up and protect your files. We will not be able to recover lost files for you.

Q. What do I do when I am having trouble logging in?

You can log on to any university computer with a username of HELP (no password) or go to the ITS Self-Help pages at to look up your username or change your password.

You can helpful information  here.

Contact the ITS Help Desk for assistance.  505-426-2215.

Q. The computer says my account is locked. What happened and what do I do?
A. If your password is entered incorrectly too many times, the system locks you out to prevent anyone from trying to guess passwords. It generally unlocks in about 10 minutes and you can try again or you can call the Help Desk at 505-426-2215 to get it unlocked.
Q. I keep trying my password but I can’t log in. What is wrong?

Are you using your temporary password which is your birth date? Self-Service Banner, Office 365, library resources, and Brightspace do not support the temporary password. You must set a password prior to accessing these resources.

Click here to change your password.

Click here to reset your password if you do not know your password.

Q. Where can I find a computer to use on campus?
A. There are computer labs in almost every building. Some of those labs are reserved for the students in those departments and might have special software needed for them.
Large public labs include the Purple Pub in the Student Center and computers in the Library. Both areas tend to have extended hours and you should check their schedules.
Q. What kinds of things can I find online?
A. At the Highlands website, you will find information about departments and majors, the academic calendar, news stories, the campus calendar, faculty and staff directory, and information about athletics. The university class schedule actually shows how many spaces are still available in a class. It is probably the most up to date listing of classes you can find. Also in the online documents section you can find forms, handbooks, and policy and procedure manuals.
Q. Should I save my password?
A. No, we discourage saving your password on public computers. If by mistake you forget to log off a public computer and someone else tries to use your account, they will be able to access everything to which you have access. You are responsible for what happens in your name so by not saving passwords, you are adding another level of protection.
Q. Is it ok to let someone else use my student account?
A. No. You are responsible for what happens in your account and you must never share your account or password with anyone else. If you think someone has learned your password, change it as soon as possible. If another person has a reason to be using university computers, they will have their own username and password.
Q. Why do I need to set a security question in Self-Service Banner?
A. If you need to use the ITS Self-Help pages to reset your password or perform some other task, we need to verify who you are. So we use the security question from Banner. You create the question and provide the answer. All the computer does is ask you the question and then match your response to what you entered when you set it up. (Case is not important, but spacing and punctuation is.) The answer should be simple and something you know but others are not likely to know. Remember not to share it with anyone. Good questions could include:
What is your mother maiden name?
What is your favorite color?
What is father’s middle name?
What is your first pet’s name?

General advice on maintaining your computer:

Here are some suggestions or best practices:

  1. Keep your computer up to date. Turn on the Automatic Updates and install the Microsoft critical updates when they are issued.
  2. Make sure your anti-virus program is running and it has the latest virus detection files.
  3. Do not save your password on public computers.
  4. Never share your username, password, or computer account with anyone. If someone should be using a university computer, they will have an account.
  5. Back up up your files regularly.
  6. Always log out of the computer when you are done.