Language Learning Center Tutor Schedule

Language Learning Center operations during COVID-19
The Language Learning Center, located at Douglas Hall, Room 105, will be open for the students and the community. In the case of an unexpected shutdown of the school, the LLC will still be available online through Zoom meetings and by email (check schedule).

You can schedule tutoring appointments directly with the LLC tutors (information below). Upon confirmation of the tutoring appointment, the tutor will provide you with a Zoom link and password for the session.

To schedule a Spanish tutoring appointment, email
Dorian Miranda,
Benito Vigil,
Maia Barajas

To schedule an ASL tutoring appointment, email
Carol Litherland,
Augusta Skoog

Appointments and consultations available Monday – Friday via Zoom and in person.

Language Learning Center, DH 105
Phone: 505-454-3175

Monday through Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

For language proficiency assessment and other questions regarding the Language Learning Center, please contact the Interim LLC Director, Carol Litherland, 505-426-2141 or at