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Geospatial Technologies

SOKKIA Total Station (4) An electronic/optical surveying instrument.  Determines coordinates of an unknown point relative to a known coordinate; measures angles and distances of survey points.
Trimble GeoExplorer XT and XM GPS Enables digital mapping and improves field productivity.  Provides sub-meter accuracy, high quality photo capture, wireless Internet, and connectivity options.
Garmin GPS 60 and 62 series GPS Field-mapping grade GPS receivers useful for most environmental data collection applications.
3D Workstation Allows 3-D visualization of topography vegetation, watershed boundaries, and geologic formations to map spatial variations in the lab.  Allows for the generation of custom, high-resolutions digital terrain models.


ESRI ArcGIS Advanced and extensions Basic and advanced GIS data creation, management, and analysis
Erdas Imagine Professional Remote Sensing data processing and analysis
Exelis ENVI Remote Sensing data processing and analysis
Trimble Terrasynch and Pathfinder Global Positioning System data collection and


Trimble eCognition Object-Oriented Image Classification
QT Modeler LiDAR and Terrain Visualization
LPS 360 LiDAR processing and production
Leica Photogrammetry Suite Stereo imagery analysis, ortho-imagery creation, feature extraction.