Required Course Work

Coursework required from all students.

Psych 601 Data Analysis and Statistics 3 cr hrs.
Psych 602 Behavioral Research Methods 3 cr hrs.
Psych 603 Advanced Learning or
Psych 605 Memory and Cognition 3 cr hrs.
Psych 608 Intro to Neuropsychology 3 cr hrs.
Psych 612 Psychopharmacology 3 cr hrs.
Psych 621 Advanced Social Psychology 3 cr hrs.
Psych 640 Advanced Developmental Psychology 3 cr hrs.
Psych 651 Professional Ethics and Issues 3 cr hrs.
Psych 671 Advanced Psychopathology 3 cr hrs.
Psych 699 Thesis 3 cr hrs.
Subtotal  30 cr hrs.

General Psychology (one year) Track

In addition to the core-required coursework, students in the general psychology track must also complete five credit hours of electives, including at least one assessment course (2 credit hours), which are selected in consultation with an adviser. Advisers work with the student in order to structure the elective courses in accordance with the student’s career goals.

Elective courses (including an assessment course) =  5  cr hrs.

Total credit hours for General Psychology M.S. =  36 cr hrs.

Clinical Psychology/Counseling Track

In addition to the core required coursework, students in the clinical psychology/counseling track must also complete the following required coursework for a total of 63 credit hours:

Psych 525 Introduction to Group Psychotherapy 3 cr hrs.
Psych 577 Culture and Mental Illness 3 cr hrs.
Psych 672 Introduction to Counseling and Therapy 3 cr hrs.
Psych 674 Individual Intelligence Testing 3 cr hrs.
Psych 675 Personality Assessment 3 cr hrs.
Psych 679 Behavior Therapy and Assessment 3 cr hrs.
Psych 681 Neuropsychological Assessment 3 cr hrs.
Psych 627 Career Development 3 cr hrs.
Psych 634 Practicum 12 cr hrs.
Subtotal 36 cr hrs.
Core Coursework Subtotal 30 cr hrs.
Total credit hours for Clinical/Counseling M.S. 66 cr hrs.


This degree is under the College of Arts and Sciences