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School of Business, Media and Technology

Dr. Keith Tucker , Interim Dean
Sininger Hall, Room 235
505-454-3115 FAX: 505-454-3354

School of Business, Media, and Technology oversees:


Vision Statement

The School of Business, Media and Technology will be the premier school in the southwest, preparing students to become successful and respected professionals. We strive to extend frontiers of knowledge to solve complex problems.

New Mexico Highlands University Mission

New Mexico Highlands University is a public comprehensive university serving our local and global communities. Our mission is to provide opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to attain an exceptional education by fostering creativity, critical thinking and research in the liberal arts, sciences, and professions within a diverse community.For more information about our mission, click here.


Business Administration

  • Heath Anderson, MBA (Marketing) Farmington
  • Ali Arshad, Ph.D. (Finance and Economics) Rio Rancho
  • Chien-Chun Chen, Ph.D. (Marketing)
  • Emmanuel Nkwenti-Zamcho, DBA (Management and International Business) Rio Rancho
  • Luis Ortiz, Ph.D. (Management and International Business)
  • Carla Romero, MBA (Management)
  • Mary Romero, MBA (Accounting)
  • Rod Sanchez, Ph.D. (Management) Rio Rancho
  • Charles Swim, DBA (Management) Rio Rancho
  • Keith Tucker, MBA (Finance and Management)
  • Kent Tucker, DBA (Finance)
  • Donna Vigil, MBA (Accounting)
  • Melanie Zollner, MBA (Management)

Media Arts & Technology

  • Lauren Addario, MA (Media Arts)
  • Stuart Gelzer, MFA (Media Arts)
  • Mariarth Fox Hausman, MFA (Media Arts)
  • Miriam Langer, MFA (Media Arts)
  • Angela Meron, MFA (Media Arts)
  • Jonathan Lee, MA (Software Systems Design)
  • Rianne Trujillo, MSSD (Software Systems Design)

  • For Outcomes Assessment of this department’s programs, click here.