We're back! NMHU's campuses are reopening. Please click this banner for details.

We're back! NMHU's campuses are reopening. Please click this banner for details.


The Office of Campus Life provides administrative direction and support to student clubs/organizations, the activities board , and many of the annual events. The Activities Board is overseen by the Office of Campus Life. The activities board puts together an activities calendar to supplement a student’s academic schedule. The board serves as a social link between Campus Life, students, the Associated Students of New Mexico Highlands University (ASNMHU), and chartered groups/organizations. The activities board welcomes students wishing to participate and gives them the opportunity to directly contribute to Highlands’ social life.

The Student Senate, Highlands’ student government, also represents students and oversees funding for clubs.

The following staff at the office of Campus Life  is available Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Why we are here

We are here for you, the student. It is our job to see that your college experience is everything it should be – successful, enjoyable, stimulating, and exciting. In short, we are here to provide our students with services, opportunities, and experiences that allow for growth on an intellectual, social, emotional and physical level. It has been said that involved students tend to have a more satisfying college experience, not to mention the fact that being involved increases your communication, organizational, and leadership skills! Student activities also assist in preparing Highlands students to assume their roles as civic and business leaders.

Services provided by the Office of Campus Life

Chartered student clubs and organizations are eligible to receive advice and assistance in organizing events, fundraising and recruitment ideas from the Office of Campus Life.

Leadership workshops are held during the academic year; the first one taking place within the first two weeks of the fall semester. The purpose of these workshops is to provide information, direction and advice to the various clubs/organizations as well as to brainstorm new ideas.

A student leadership recognition banquet is held annually. The purpose of the banquet is to recognize outstanding leadership abilities displayed by students in the various clubs/organizations and departments on campus. In addition, a “Club of the Year” award is given to the most visible and active chartered club on campus.

This event takes place during the second week of the fall semester in the Student Center. If you are interested in obtaining further information on the various clubs available to students, you don’t want to miss this! For further information call the Office of Campus Life.

Why should I join a club/organization?
Many students have said that campus clubs help them meet new friends and faculty/staff members. Additionally, it helps them learn more about their major as well as various career choices. Students are also given the opportunity to meet professionals within their field of study.

Why is it important to charter a club/organization?

To form a club on campus, you must first charter the organization in order to be officially recognized by Highlands. A student organization must be chartered in order to:

*Use most Highlands facilities free of charge
*Conduct on-campus fundraising activities
*Be recognized in Highlands publications
*Use the Highlands name in publicity
*Apply for monies from ASNMHU
*Apply for monies from the Student Career Advancement Fund (Canteen Fund)
*Funding is not guaranteed and is based on the availability of funds

Chartering does not constitute an endorsement of a club’s program or purposes by Highlands. If examples of misuse, non-use, or misconduct of a charter become evident, university recognition will be withdrawn and the charter may be revoked.

You may be eligible for membership of a student club/organization by contacting the organization’s adviser, student representative or the Office of Campus Life.

What are the requirements for a chartered club/organization?

A.    All chartered student club/organization officers must be registered students at Highlands and clubs/organizations must have at least four members to charter.
B.    A club/organization’s membership must consist of at least 75% students.
C.    A club/organization’s adviser must be a faculty/staff member with at least part-time status.
D.    Neither membership in, nor services provided by the club, shall be denied to anyone on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, physical or mental handicap, age, sex, sexual preference, ancestry, or medical condition.
E.    The club/organization must adhere to the constitution/bylaws of the club.
F.    The club must also adhere to all applicable local, state, federal and university regulations including those outlined in the Highlands Code of Student Conduct.
G.    If a club/organization’s event is deemed to threaten the health, safety, or property of members of the Highlands community, the request for scheduling may be denied. Decisions may be appealed in writing to the dean of students.

Club/Organization Application Process

As a condition of being recognized by the university, student clubs/organizations must apply or reapply for chartering each academic year. Clubs who are rechartering must do so no later than September 15. New clubs/organization may charter at any time. The following outlines the step-by-step process necessary for chartering or rechartering a student club/organization:

Pick up and return a completed application form, together with all the following documentation to the Office of Campus Life.

The student organization must provide the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the officers, the adviser, and a list of its membership. The Office of Campus Life must be kept informed of any and all changes relative to the club/organization.

Each club/organization must submit a constitution or by-laws. If the club/organization does not have a specified set of bylaws, a set of operational guidelines are required. The following information should be included in the document which must also accompany the application:

  1. Name and purpose of the organization
  2. Eligibility criteria for membership
  3. Provisions for officers to include their titles, terms of office and their duties
  4. Provisions for meetings, including frequency and how they are called
  5. Provisions for covering rules of procedure and voting
  6. Definition of a quorum

Provisions for amending the constitution or bylaws
Please be sure to keep a copy of the bylaws/constitution for your records.

What responsibilities does a chartered club/organization have?

  • Clubs/organizations posting fliers as publicity for events must ensure that bulletin boards are cleared of notices once an event is completed.
  • Chartered clubs/organizations must check their respective mailboxes in the Student Center on a regular basis.
  • Accept responsibility for the supervision of events sponsored by their respective club/organization.
  • Accept responsibility for assuring that facilities are used for the purpose(s) for which they were requested.
  • Accept responsibility for reimbursing the university for any damage to said property.
  • Clubs/organizations are to represent the university in an appropriate manner and thus must adhere to all Highlands policies and procedures as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct, as well as local, state and federal laws, if applicable. Failure to adhere to these stipulations may result in revocation of a group’s charter. Copies of the Student Code of Conduct are available at the Dean of Students Office in the Felix Martinez building.
  • All members of a chartered club/organization are invited to attend leadership workshops, but it is required that each club/organization be represented by at least one member of their respective club.
  • Chartered clubs/organizations on campus are required to be represented at Campus Life Night.
  • Chartered clubs/organizations applying for and receiving funding from either the Canteen Fund and/or ASNMHU are required to “give back” to the university community. There are many ways in which to accomplish this requirement and the topic will be discussed at the first leadership workshop of the academic year.
  • Chartered clubs/organizations are required to submit, to the Office of Campus Life, an 18 x 18 felt “banner” of your club for inclusion in our Club Quilt displayed on the second floor of the Student Center.

What responsibilities do Advisers have to a Club/Organization?

Although there are no requirements regarding the level of involvement an adviser should take, the following are offered as guidelines. The adviser should:

  • Confirm that chartering deadline requirements are met. Encourage the maintenance of good records in order to provide long-term continuity of the group
  • Ensure that the activities of the club/organization in no way constitute a legal liability to the club or university
  • Provide expert knowledge and advice
  • Suggest and encourage new program ideas
  • Help members apply principles and skills learned in and out of the classroom
  • Provide the membership with new direction and options
  • Provide insight into the organization’s weaknesses and successes
  • Encourage the membership to be as active as possible in their respective group as well as in other Highlands sponsored activities
  • Encourage high levels of individual performance as well as maintain high standards for the organization
  • Be knowledgeable of university policies and procedures
  • Be active in the development of procedures and plans of action for the organization
  • Be available to the membership for consultation
  • Discuss and sensitize students to issues of cultural diversity


*The adviser’s signature is required on the chartering form, indicating his/her willingness to serve as adviser to that student club/organization.

Campus Resources Available to Clubs/Organizations

Highlands recognizes that it is a marketplace for students, faculty and staff. There are a variety of activities and services that can be presented through the use of fliers, banners and posters. Posting of advertising on university bulletin boards for various activities is available to groups and organizations on campus. It is the responsibility of the club/organization to remove such notices as they expire.

General posting bulletin boards are located in virtually all buildings on campus. Banners, posters and fliers may not be posted on walls or windows on the Highlands campus. Fliers posted on these areas will be promptly removed.

Certain equipment such as overhead projectors, easels, TV/VCR, etc., are available for use by clubs/organizations. Requests for such equipment may be made by indicating such preferences on the Facilities Request Form. Requests for equipment are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Groups/organizations are responsible for replacement and/or damage of any equipment.

A mailbox is assigned to each chartered student club. The Office of Campus Life utilizes this vehicle to relay information about meetings and items of interest to clubs/organizations. The mailbox may also be used to relay messages from one chartered club/organization to another; however, it is advised that only authorized officers/representatives have access to these mailboxes to reduce the chance of misplaced mail. The mailboxes are to be checked by an authorized representative on a weekly basis. Mailboxes will be cleared of any mail that has not been picked up by Friday of each week. These mailboxes are located on the second floor of the Student Center, next to the Office of Campus Life.

The Purple Pub computer lab is available to all currently enrolled Highlands students. The lab is located on the second floor of the Student Center. Hours of operation for each semester are posted in the lab, or you may contact lab personnel at 426.2005 for further information.

If you would like to have your event listed in a campus publication, contact the appropriate publication office as soon as possible.

La Mecha     454.3463
Bulletin Board (University Relations)    454.3387
Heartbeat Calendar (Campus Life)     454.3590

If your club/organization would like to advertise via any other public media vehicle, approval must first be obtained from the Office of University Relations.

Clubs/organizations may request funding for conference participation and/or presentation with the purpose of enhancing a student’s academic and/or professional career. Please contact the Office of Campus Life for further information. Remember that funding is based on the availability of funds and is not guaranteed.

Each semester, the Student Senate budgets money for student organizations. To apply for funding, groups & organizations must complete the appropriate documentation. Requests are then reviewed by ASNMHU. For further information, call the Senate Office at 454.3594. Remember that funding is based on the availability of funds and is not guaranteed.

Facilities Requests

A chartered club/organization is allowed to reserve virtually any space on the Highlands campus at no charge to the group. Additional costs may be incurred by the sponsoring organization if security is needed, food is served, the event requires a setup or tear down after hours or on weekends, and/or technician fees associated with the use of Ilfeld Auditorium are applicable. These costs are the responsibility of the sponsoring club/organization.

In most cases, activities of a chartered club/organization are covered by the general liability coverage of the university. Available spaces include classrooms, lecture halls, the ballroom, parks, etc. To reserve a space, complete a facilities request form obtained from the Office of Campus Life. Facility reservations must be made at least two weeks prior to an event in order to allow for processing and to avoid a late fee. All reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis and must be made by contacting the Office of Campus Life.

The following is deemed to constitute a complete request:

  • Name of sponsoring group/organization
  • Contact information
  • Date, time and location of event
  • Signature from authorized personnel for certain facilities (indicated on facilities request form)
  • Signature from Campus Police (they will determine whether or not security is needed)
  • Signature from the Office of Campus Life
  • Diagram of setup needed (if applicable)

Campus Police

Clubs/organizations sponsoring events must obtain the signature of Campus Police. If necessary, they will determine whether or not security is needed to help monitor and secure facilities and parking lots associated with an event. Should additional security be needed, it is the financial responsibility of the sponsoring club/organization. For further information, please call Campus Police at 454.3105.

Food Services
Arrangements for serving food at an event may be made by calling A’viands Food Services on the Highlands campus. For further information, please call 454.8803.

Dance Policy
The following policy guidelines have been adopted to ensure that dances held at New Mexico Highlands University are safe, secure and successful. Dances sponsored by chartered student organizations are offered for the benefit of Highlands students, staff, faculty and their guests. With this in mind, the following policy is written.

1. Highlands student clubs sponsoring dances, as well as dance participants, must follow proper procedures and abide by Highlands, local, state and federal laws and ordinances.

2. Only departments and chartered student clubs at Highlands will be granted permission to schedule facilities for dances free of charge.

3. Dance participation is limited to Highlands students showing identification and their guests. Guests must present passes, which are available in the Office of Campus Life. Guest passes must be picked up no later than 5 p.m. on the last weekday before the dance.

4. All chartered student clubs/organizations or Highlands departments interested in sponsoring a dance must complete a Request for Facilities Form and return it to the Office of Campus Life no later than 14 days prior to the anticipated date of the dance.

5. The sponsoring club must provide two chaperones. The chaperones must be Highlands faculty/staff members and must remain for the duration of the dance. Chaperones are to make rounds regularly to check for security and disciplinary concerns.

6. Sponsoring student organizations and departments at Highlands must ensure that the designated chaperones check for proper identification of students, staff, and guests.

7. If chaperones are not present within 30 minutes of the start of the dance or at any time during the dance, the dance will be closed down. If chaperones are not present, Highlands Campus Police have been granted the authority to close down the dance.

8. A report of all dances closed down by the Highlands Campus Police will be made to the coordinator of Campus Life and/or the dean of students immediately after the facility has been cleared and vacated.

9. Campus Police officers will be assigned to each dance. Payment for the officers is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization.

10. The noise and speaker volume level at indoor and outdoor dances will be monitored so that neighboring functions, offices, homes, businesses, etc., are not disturbed.

11. Those entering the dance with large purses, backpacks, etc., may be subject to a search.

12. Dance participants who are intoxicated will be asked to leave. If such participants do not comply, they will be escorted out of the dance area and are subject to arrest.

13. Each sponsoring student club is responsible for:

  • Completing a facilities request form
  • Being available for entertainers, D.J.’s, and delivery personnel at contracted times and locations
  • Monitoring restroom facilities
  • Monitoring area for safety (spills, fire hazards, etc.)
  • Circulating through the facility, adjacent corridors and parking lots to check for potential complications
  • Removing decorations, bagging trash, cleaning furniture and surfaces at the end of the event.

14. In the event that a non student violates a policy or destroys campus property, the sponsoring student organization will assume responsibility.

15. Property damages are to be reported immediately to the campus police officer present or the Campus Police Department at 454.3278.

16. If a student club reserves a facility and then cancels the event, it is the responsibility of that group to inform the Office of Campus Life as soon as possible.

17. The sponsoring club(s) and its membership and/or the individuals involved in an alleged violation of this policy shall be referred to the Campus Life coordinator. Additionally, information regarding violation of this policy shall be forwarded to the Campus Life coordinator.

18. Highlands reserves the right to close down an event, room, building and/or grounds, if the continuance of the event presents a potential hazard to those present at the event, the public and/or university property.

Student Code of Conduct

All clubs/organizations are expected to abide by and adhere to the rules set forth in the Student Code of Conduct.
Disciplinary measures for Highlands chartered clubs/organizations

The Campus Life coordinator shall be responsible for monitoring the actions of student clubs/organizations. Members representing such clubs are accountable for their actions and may be charged with violations to the Student Code of Conduct as individuals and/or as a club. Further action may be taken by the dean of students as deemed necessary.