Commencement is May 15, 2021. Congratulations, Class of '21! For details, click the banner.

Commencement is May 15, 2021. Congratulations, Class of '21! For details, click the banner.

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Highlands encourages students to look beyond the classroom. The Office of Campus Life oversees several clubs and organizations that are established by students.  Each club represents a unique interest, both educational and academic in nature.  Every chartered club and organization is open to all Highlands students.

All chartered clubs/organizations must (re)apply to the Office of Campus Life during the fall semester (no later than September 15) of each school year to be officially recognized by the university. Chartering of a new club/organization may take place at any time.

NMHU Chartered Student Clubs/Organizations 2019-20

Main Campus:


Type: Support
Purpose: Support for students, staff, faculty, and public
Advisor: Andy Vigil
Department: 505-425-7686


Type: Business Club
Purpose: Business organization and networking club
Advisor: Carla Romero
Department: Business Administration 505-454-3576


Art Club
Type: Social
Purpose: View art, make art, and promote art on and off campus
Advisor: Todd Christensen 505-454-3485, David Lobdell 505-454-3570, Shereen Lobdell 505-454-3231
Department: Visual and Performing Arts


Astronomy Club
Type: Social/informative
Purpose: To provide knowledge and understanding of multiple structures in our solar system and galaxy
Advisor: Carlos Martinez
Department: Computer and Mathematical Science 505-454-3203


ASL Club
Type: Academic
Purpose: Promote the study of American Sign Language and awareness of deaf culture through interaction with the local and larger deaf community and students from other colleges
Advisor: Carrol Litherland
Department: Language and Culture 505-426-2141


Catholic Cowboy Newman Club
Type: Religious
Purpose: Walk with students in their spiritual journey while teaching the truth of Catholic faith
Advisor: Andrellita Chavez
Department: Campus Life 505-454-3201


Chemistry Club
Type: Academic
Purpose: To engage the youth of Las Vegas in STEM related courses such as chemistry and enrich the lives of NMHU students by exposing them to chemistry related fields
Advisor: Shipra Gupta
Department: Chemistry 505-454-2035


Conservation Club
Type: Environmental
Purpose: To educate the NMHU campus on the importance of conservation while also empowering students and the community members to take part in efforts to better our community
Advisor: Sarah Corey-Rivas
Department: Biology 505-454-3301

Type: Honorary
Purpose: To recognize students
Advisor: Carla Romero
Department: School of Business 505-454-3576


Type: Educational/Social
Purpose: Prepare for a Quest and creation of fictional and digital worlds, as a means to help members and the world, design their future and reach their potential.
Advisor: Steven Weatherburn
Department: School of Education 505-454-3108


Type: Professional
Purpose: Guide young people on a path to becoming accomplished teachers
Advisor: Maria I.V. Haase
Department: Education 505-454-3383


Type: Educational/social
Purpose: to promote and advocate health/fitness and physical fitness
Advisor: Ben Vickers
Department: Exercise & Sport Sciences 505-454-3412


Fire Escape Bible Club
Type: Religious
Purpose: Help students and staff gain knowledge of the word of God and develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
Advisor: Ruth Angela Salazar
Department: Campus Security 505-429-4853


Game Nights Club
Type: Social
Purpose: To promote the social activities which help to bridge gaps at a social and academic level
Advisor: Muhammad Usman
Department: Chemistry 505-920-3412


Type: Social
Purpose: To bring different cultures and languages together
Advisor: Norma Valenzuela
Department: Languages & Culture (505-454-3114)


International Service Group
Type: Community Service
Purpose: To connect NMHU students and community, doing volunteer work
Advisor: Estrella Gutierrez
Department: Research and Sponsored Projects


Type: Religious/Social
Purpose: To promote intercultural and interspiritual awareness and friendship
Advisor: Carol Litherland
Department: Languages & Culture (505-454-2141)


Type: Culture
Purpose: An organization that seeks to promote Chicano unity and empowerment
Advisor: Eric Romero
Department: Language and Culture 505-454-3009


Media Arts & Production Club
Type: Social/Working
Purpose: Help students prepare for the job market and attend a design conference
Advisor: Angela Meron
Department: Media Arts 505-454-3461


NMHU Cheer Team
Type: Sport
Purpose: Providing university spirit and support to the sports teams
Advisor: Kristin Bogda
Department: Exercise and Sport Sciences 314-952-6372


NMHU Disc Golf Club
Type: Recreational
Purpose: To promote health and wellness, to spread the sport
Advisor: Shannon Hunt
Department: Athletics – Baseball 505-454-3587


NMHU Esports Club
Type: Social
Purpose: The purpose of the Esports Club is to introduce Esports to NMHU community in a fun and inclusive environment and to foster friendly competition and teamwork, and learn about the games community and industry at large
Advisor: Benjamin Villarreal
Department: English 505-426-2283


NMHU International Club
Type: Social
Purpose: To function as an entity that will allow for the international students of NMHU to experience and intermingle in various cultures to be held at the university
Advisor: Tina Clayton
Department: International Ed. Center 505-454-3058


NMHU Latin & Ballroom Dance Club
Type: Education/Social
Purpose: To teach and learn Latin and Ballroom dance through lessons, workshops, and practice time
Advisor: Stephen Weatherburn
Department: School of Education 505-454-3108


NMHU Tai Chi Club
Type: Educational/Social
Purpose: Teaching and learning Tai Chi, exploring related areas with lessons, workshops, trainings, demonstration events
Advisor: Stephen Weatherburn
Department: School of Education 505-454-3108


NMHU Native American Club
Type: Honorary/social
Purpose: To promote cultural diversity, through indigenous knowledge around the campus and community of NMHU
Advisor: Leon Bustos
Department: HUE 505-454-3071


NMHU SAF Forestry Club
Type: Professional
Purpose: Professional development
Advisor: Joshua Sloan / Kyle Rose
Department: Natural Resource Management 505-454-3176


NMHU Soccer Club
Type: Activities/Social
Purpose: To promote a fun college experience and to get to meet new people
Advisor: Andrellita Chavez
Department: Campus Life 505-454-3201


NMHU Timber Sports Club
Type: Recreational
Purpose: To engage in traditional logging sports activities
Advisor: Kyle Rose / Joshua Sloan
Department: Natural Resources Management 505-454-3208


Type: Sport
Purpose: Turn boys to men and get students to graduate
Advisor: Keith Maes
Department: Chartered Student Club 808-369-4064


New Mexico Review
Type: Literary Magazine
Purpose: The club seeks to advance the understanding and enjoyment of literature on campus in Las Vegas and nationally
Advisor: Lauren Fath
Department: English and Philosophy 505-454-3415


Performing Arts Club
Type: Performing Arts
Purpose: Performance, learning
Advisor: Don Evans
Department: Visual and Performing Arts 505-454-3572


Type: Social
Purpose: To Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion for LGBTQ+ students
Advisor: Tranquilino Hurtado
Department: Career Services 505-454-3251


Type: Honor Society
Purpose: To serve psychology students and promote excellence in research, service, and academics
Advisor: Daniel Chadborn
Department: Psychology 505-454-3324


Phi Eta Sigma
Type: Honorary
Purpose: To acknowledge academic excellence among our students
Advisor: Margaret Apodaca
Department: Campus Life 505-454-3495


Phi Kappa Phi
Type: Honorary
Purpose: To acknowledge academic excellence among our students
Advisor: Maureen Romine
Department: Biology 505-454-3264


Type: Business Human Res.
Purpose: Society for Human Resources Management to network
Advisor: Carla Romero
Department: Business Administration 505-454-3576


Sigma Tau Delta, International English Honor Society
Type: Honor Society
Purpose: To confer distinction for high achievement in English language and literature in undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies
Advisor: Donna Woodford-Gormley
Department: English and Philosophy 505-454-3253


Student Athlete Advisory
Type: Social/Athletic
Purpose: To empower student athlete’s one voice at a time
Advisor: Shanna Halalilo
Department: Athletics 801-669-3228


Student Veterans of America
Type: Social
Purpose: A place for student veterans to gain help with school work and gather socially
Advisor: Joe Zebrowski
Department: Natural Resource Management 505-426-2146


The S.U.P.P.O.R.T Club
Type: Social
Purpose: The purpose of the SUPPORT Club will be to create a community between students suffering from mental illnesses. The club will be a mediation between students and the proper resources to aid in mental health issues. This club will end the stigma towards mental health!
Advisor: Lara Heflin
Department: Psychology 505-454-3547


National Society of Leadership + Success
Type: Honorary
Purpose: Promote and build leadership
Advisor: Helene Boudreau
Department: Nursing 505-454-2116


Undergraduate Social Work Association
Type: Social/Educational
Purpose: To promote community service through networking and community based projects
Advisor: Benjamin Bencomo
Department: Social Work 505-454-3346



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