The adviser can play a significant part in the development of quality in student programming by helping to formulate group policies, train new officers, as well as assist with regular program planning. The adviser attends as many meetings and/or activities as possible. Through participation in meetings, the adviser can determine how individuals are given the opportunity for worthwhile participation.

Specific duties of the adviser include:

  • Confirming that chartering policy requirements are met
  • Encouraging the maintenance of good records of activities and financial data in order to provide long term continuity of the group
  • Discussing and sensitizing students to issues of cultural diversity
  • Ensuring that the activities of the club/organization constitute no legal liability to the club/organization (i.e. that activities are properly planned, supervised, safely conducted and adhere to Highlands Code of Student Conduct and all applicable local and state laws)
  • Help the group to evaluate its activities to determine whether they justify the time, ability, energy, and resources devoted to them

The adviser’s signature is required on the chartering form, signifying his/her willingness to serve as adviser to that student club/organization. Every year represents a new opportunity to work with different individuals and offer new perspectives. If the adviser resigns, he/she is expected to notify the Office of Campus Life.